Research And Development


One of the rare Indian ACP manufacturers to be equipped with a dedicated in-house R&D unit

Viva’s business strategy includes continuous improvement technologies and the successful introduction of new products. Our team synergizes research with market requirements to manufacture top-notch products.

As Viva is the only ACP manufacturer in the country with in-house R&D facilities, our team has the knowledge and expertise to develop next-gen products.

At Viva, our ACP research and development strategies are aimed towards staying a step ahead of the rapidly increasing market demand for superior quality ACPs which ensures durability and longevity. Our ACP sheets are also available in a wide range of shades and Textures.


It is needless to mention the fact that it is the team of a company that ultimately determines its success or failure. They are the primary reason we have been able to boost our sales and revenue and successfully function by delivering superior quality Aluminium Composite Sheets all across the country.


Our manufacturing processes are backed by continuous research and development as it provides us with valuable knowledge and insights, leads to improvement in existing ACP sheet manufacturing processes, and determines where efficiency can be boosted and costs can be reduced. Our multiple awards and certificates by numerous certification authorities are the result of our unique manufacturing processes.


We have successfully achieved absolute perfection in the quality of our Aluminium Composite Panels, be it the design, shade, colour or quality of production. Our unique manufacturing system and continuous integration processes help us to develop innovations that strengthen the company’s position in the vast marketplace.


In-house laboratory Testing Facility