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The Architect’s Choice: Why Viva ACP Sheets Are Trusted in the Industry

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In the world of architecture- dynamism prevails. Today, modern architecture prioritises functionality and sustainability as much as the aesthetics of construction. One material which has swiftly intertwined into the growing demands of modern construction is ACP sheets. ACP Sheets are made of aluminium alloy with a composite core which is highly flexible, lightweight, easy to maintain and available in a range of textures, shades, and sizes making them the popular choice among architects and designers.

When considering ACP sheets for architectural projects, Viva emerges as the frontrunner for architects seeking a material that encapsulates the essence of modern construction. With a legacy of 2 decades, Viva brings a wealth of expertise in modern construction. Let’s get into the blog to know why Viva is the architect’s choice.

Largest Manufacturing Unit
ACP Manufacturing In India

When it comes to manufacturing capacity it is hard to beat the production capacity of Viva ACP. The manufacturing unit at Umbergaon, Gujarat is equipped with modern technology and state-of-the-art production units. We are the first in India to have a 3-colour coating line which has 3-bake coating, 3 technology, along with that we have a whopping production capacity of 12 million sq. mt production capacity annually which makes us the largest manufacturing unit in India.

Vast Range of Colours and Textures of ACP Sheets
300+ shades ACP sheets designs

Viva has 300+ shades in its repertoire. New shades and textures, with advanced paint-mixing units and a spectrophotometer for shade consistency, have put Viva in the position as the pioneer in the industry. Viva has the most advanced colour coating line. We are the first in India to have a 3-colour coating line with 3Bake technology. With our integrated process of coating, we ensure each coated coil of aluminium has characteristics such as corrosion resistance, UV protection and weather resistance.

Each series has a different inspiration and fits into the range of design themes. For instance, the Wooden Texture Series fits well with nature-inspired design, whereas the Solid and Metallic Series will be more fit for elevating a single-tone finish in design.

At Viva, we are limitless when it comes to shades and designs, and we are bringing the limitless feature in the architectural industry with our latest innovation that includes some of the most innovative ACP design series such as AlZinc, Mirage Fluted Series, Phases, and ELZinc.

Stringent Quality Testing
Your investment in the Aluminium Composite Panel must be long-term and enduring. Whether you are investing in an ACP sheet for commercial buildings, residential complexes, and industrial facelifts it will be subjected to season of use. This is why, investing in top-quality panels has a noticeable benefit.

The Viva ACP cladding undergoes multiple tests for temperature resistance, impact resistance, UV protection and corrosion resistance. Viva ACP’s insistence on stringent quality testing is more than regulatory compliance; it is a pioneering effort to establish a new norm in product reliability. Our products are not only quality tested at our in-house testing laboratory but also in some of the renowned certification institutes allowing us to provide industry-certified and tested products.

Fire Safety Products
Fire does not come with a warning, and the construction of today needs to choose materials that not only prevent fire penetration but also prevent it from spreading by compartmentalising. Viva’s fire-retardant panels speak for themselves, the panels have the highest grade of fire safety and align with all types of building codes related to fire safety.

The FR Grade Panel is divided into three classes
FR A2+: A2+ is an aluminium corrugated composite panel and consists of a core made of aluminium alloy core. As this does not contain any polyethene core, it retards the penetration of fire, hence lowering the risk significantly.

FR A2: FR A2 panels contain 90% mineral core and 10% LDPE core. It not only prevents fire penetration for over 2 hours but also does not produce molten droplets in flame.

FR B1: FR Class B1 has 70% mineral and 30% LDPE core. It prevents fire penetration for up to 2 hours.

All these panels do not produce molten droplets and toxic fumes when burnt. Our product range B1 and A2 has EN13501, ASTM 1929, NFPA 285, and ASTME84 certificates. A2+ FR grade panel confirms to EN13501. Apart from that, our FR class panels are Thomas Bell Wright Institute certified.

In-House Customization
The 100% in-house customization offered by Viva ACP goes beyond meeting client needs; it establishes a trend of flexibility and adaptability in the industry. We offer complete customisation in shade, panel thickness and warranty. As an architect, you can bring forth your vision to reality by collaborating with the team of Viva.

Made-In-India Product
For more than 2 decades we have associated ourselves with “Made in India” products. Our “Swadeshi’ mindset has empowered us to source raw materials from India and use the human resources and brainpower of India. We indigenously develop the ACP sheets at our manufacturing unit located in Umbergoan, Gujrat. By championing the production of ACP sheets in India, Viva is setting a trend that underscores the importance of supporting local industries, prompting others to follow suit.

On-Time Delivery with 18+ Warehouses
Our expansive network of 18+ warehouses across India is our strength in managing the supply chain network. With our 18+ warehouses, we ensure on-time delivery to any project location influences a more streamlined and responsive approach to project management.

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Viva ACP- Transforming The Facade of Modern Construction
Indian architecture today is a combination of sleek skyscrapers that integrate functionality and aesthetics. As architects today are choosing material which is easy to fabricate and has versatility in application Aluminium Composite Panel stands out. As an ACP sheet manufacturer, Viva stands out as a trailblazer in the industry shaping the future of architectural materials. Architects who choose Viva don’t just select a product; they align themselves with a legacy of excellence, customization, and a commitment to the vibrant spirit of modern construction.