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VIVA is celebrating the latest design trend, the Perforated Beauty. Perforated Aluminium Composite Panels, which are exquisite and intricate, greatly enhance the aesthetics of buildings. At VIVA, we have honed our skills as experts in CNC cut designs that gild our cutting-edge ACP sheets with all their grandeur.
ACP sheets are often punched or stamped mechanically, using CNC technology to produce exquisite perforated designs. With the help of various computer and numerical technologies, the detailed and even patterns of perforations are created on ACP sheets.
Here are some benefits of perforated designs:
Unique design with aesthetic appeal
A perforated façade allows one to create distinctive, beautiful, and inventive building façades. It is possible for a designer to display their creativity and produce beautiful shadows within a structure by using a range of perforation patterns.
Lighting and architecture
Lighting and architecture are inextricably linked to a building's façade. Architecture is best experienced with light, as one cannot fully appreciate design without it. Illumination creates amazing effects that improve the building's nighttime appearance and draw attention by emphasizing essential elements.
Better building performance
Buildings with perforated facades can let light enter the building while producing less heat from solar exposure. The perforated facade has been shown to minimize building energy bills since the inside temperature is better maintained, reducing the need for continual cooling.
Privacy and Discretion
Perforated facades also allow sunlight to penetrate the building while maintaining the occupants' privacy. Since plain glass doesn't offer the same privacy or security benefits, a perforated facade is the best choice.
Environmentally sustainable
A sustainable building envelope reduces a building's primary energy use for heating, cooling, and maintenance while also contributing to the better aesthetic and lifespan of the building.
There are several benefits to perforated facades. They enhance the general performance of the structure in addition to providing a fantastic beauty.
Perforated designs come in various shapes and sizes to complement the design aesthetics of varied architecture. At VIVA, we understand the need for CNC technology and provide durable ACPs that can resist its complexity. Fabricators and designers use VIVA's ACP sheets for perforated patterns because of their high gloss retention, 350+ shades, and plenty of patterned and textured sheets. In addition to being lightweight and incredibly practical, VIVA ACP sheets are renowned for being "easy to work with". Lead-free paints are, furthermore, used using the PVDF coating technique. Using this cutting-edge process, the recyclable aluminium coils are coated to absolute perfection.
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