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The Role of VIVA ACP's ALZinc Series in Modern Architecture

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You must have noticed the stark difference between contemporary buildings and the ones constructed three decades ago. Be it in the flow of the architecture, or the visual appeal of exterior claddings — both commercial and residential buildings have undergone changes. In fact, traditional cladding materials have been replaced by new-age materials like ACPs and ZCPs. And naturally, the question arises, “Why”?

Since modern architecture prioritises sustainability and functionality, as much as glitz and glamour, materials like zinc composite panels are used more often in architectural applications. These panels satisfy the demand for the latest cladding trends that incorporate elements drawn from nature, besides reducing the environmental impact.

Viva ACP, one of the leading manufacturers of ACPs, has introduced ALZinc as one of the latest additions to their aluminium composite panel range. In this blog, let’s take a walkthrough of how Viva’s ALZinc series is transforming the face of modern architecture.

What’s New in the ALZinc Series?
Contemporary architecture focuses on sustainability and efficiency. ALZinc is the ultimate blend of the visual beauty of Zinc and the innate qualities of aluminium composite panels. ALZinc by Viva is a take on zinc composite panels, which can have a heavier weight, longer manufacturing time, as well as a higher price point than ACPs. ALZinc panels serve as the perfect alternative for zinc claddings.

With its unique features and dynamic applications, the ALZinc Series has become a game-changer for new architectural projects. So, is it built differently? The series offers panels with a coating of zinc finish colours on the aluminium substrate, which contributes to the overall aesthetics of the product.

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Exceptional Features of the ALZinc Series
Aesthetic Versatility
The key reason why the ALZinc series is a top choice for many builders and architects is the aesthetic versatility it offers. The zinc-finish colour coating of the panels allows them to be visually striking and mimic the look and feel of actual zinc cladding. Modern structures are all about using different colour tones, textures, and finishes, and that’s where this series brings in its very own charm and appeal.

The ALZinc Series offers architects and designers a wide range of creative possibilities by offering its array of colours/shades including ALZinc Slate, ALZinc Anthracite, ALZinc Blue, ALZinc Red, ALZinc Brown, and ALZinc Green. These colours give the buildings a distinctive vintage-like appearance. The variety in shades opens up the scope of experimenting, thereby demonstrating the diverse application of the ALZinc series.

Unmatched Durability and Weather Resistance
Whether it’s in humid countries like India or freezing regions like Alaska, these panels can be transformed into high-efficient cladding for buildings anywhere. ALZinc sheets are designed by compressing two aluminium panels to a core. These are then coated with primers, and zinc-finish colour coating, and are then further sealed by protective sealants. This not only helps to keep the structural design of the panels intact but also keeps them looking impeccable and unscathed across all seasons and in all regions.

This shows that the ALZinc Series is characterised by its exceptional durability and remarkable weather resistance — including heat, rain, and snow. The panel’s composition also makes them highly resistant to corrosion, UV radiation, and extreme weather conditions. This makes ALZinc panels ideal for both interior and exterior applications in areas with diverse climates.

Lightweight and Easy Installation
Latest building trends have shifted towards using materials that are easy to transport and quick to install. Fulfilling both requirements, ALZinc by Viva is designed to be extremely lightweight, which makes claddings made using these panels easy to handle and install. This aspect speeds up the procuring and construction times. Plus, what are contemporary architectures that are synonymous with fluid structures, curves, and shapes? While not all cladding materials make the perfect fit for such projects, ALZinc actually does!

These panels can be easily cut, bent, and shaped according to the design requirements of a project’s cladding which provides architects with greater design flexibility. Additionally, the lightweight nature of ALZinc panels is a massive bonus for architects/designers who do not want to put an extra structural load on the building— making them suitable for a wide range of architectural applications.

Sustainable Alternative
While talking about new-age building cladding trends, we cannot miss out on the sustainability aspect. The ALZinc series by Viva is yet another example of eco-friendly architectural elements that are predominantly used in buildings and structures all over the world.

Since the panels are composed of aluminium, they can be recycled, without reducing their quality. Moreover, the ALZinc Series exhibits excellent thermal insulation properties, contributing to energy efficiency in buildings. Thus, by utilising ALZinc panels, architects can not only create visually appealing structures but also contribute to a greener future.

Achieve Architectural Excellence with Viva’s ALZinc Series
Matching the modern-day cladding requirements, Viva ACP’s ALZinc Series has emerged as a preferred choice for designers and architects. The first of its kind in the world, the ALZinc series is an innovation that embraces the best of zinc composite panels and seamlessly blends with that of ACP.

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Manufactured using advanced technology, these panels offer exceptional durability, aesthetic versatility, effortless installation, and sustainability. In addition, Viva offers fire-retardant core options of class A2+ grade, FR class A2, and, FR class B1 grade of the ALZinc series. Furthermore, the non-toxic and lead-free pigments further add to the safety factor of these panels.

So, whether it is a sleek and contemporary façade or a vintage-finish industrial interior that you have envisioned, projects with the touch of ALZinc panels can be tailored to suit various architectural styles particularly, with a classic look and feel.