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Things To Check Before Buying Wooden ACP Sheets

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Wood Is One Of The classy materials that can enhance the look of any building. If you want to redefine the look of your home with a certain degree of old charm with wooden cladding, then wooden ACP sheet you must opt. It decreases your carbon footprint, gives an aesthetic wooden look, and is cost-effective also. Well, buying a wooden ACP sheet may seem easy but creating the perfect visual palette is difficult. This is why Viva is here to help. Here are the things you should check before buying a wooden ACP sheet.  

Look For An Experienced Wooden ACP Sheet Manufacturer

While purchasing a wooden ACP sheet you cannot compromise on quality, this is why trusting an experienced ACP sheet manufacturer is important. When you look for an experienced wooden ACP sheet manufacturer you can check their previous designs and material and trust their expertise in this industry. At Viva, we have a stringent testing department that ensures consumer satisfaction. Our ACP sheets come with material testing certificates so the consumer can check the authenticity of the material.  

Don't Be Too Picky

While buying a wooden ACP sheet, gut instinct is important. When you get too picky and buy too many textures and tones of wooden ACP sheets, it doesn't add value to your building. Buying a single unified texture that complements the outdoor style and texture of a building creates an eye-catching look. For instance, if your building is near trees of teak or walnut, then pick the texture that fits well with the texture of the trees near you. The design should look synced instead of disparate.  

The Texture Of The Wooden ACP Sheet

If you are buying wooden ACP sheets for the interior, it is important to consider the texture of the sheets. A smooth texture is visually aesthetic and gives a calm and soothing look, while the rough texture gives rustic look to the interiors. The textured wooden sheet is important to consider if you want to bring a craftily molded look to your home.   You May Like: Timber Cladding vs. Wooden ACP Sheets- A Sustainable Alternative

Cost Of The Sheets

Wood and timber are exorbitantly pricey. If you want to create aesthetic ambiance and play with visual drama in the exterior and interior of the home at a budget-friendly price then wooden ACP is a great alternative. However, the price varies in numerous variables, the variables that impact the cost of the sheet are the thickness and texture of the wooden ACP. So, before buying a wooden ACP sheet consider the wood or timber texture that helps you achieve a one-of-a-kind layout at a cost-friendly price.  

Fire Retardant

If you are choosing a wooden ACP  for tech parks or high-rise buildings then you cannot compromise on fire safety. While buying wooden ACP sheets look for fire-retardant sheets. Viva has a rating of B1, A2, A2+ certified by Thomas Bell Wright, making it safer to use in any residential or office complex.  


While buying a wooden ACP sheet you have to incorporate design, texture, geometric design, color combination, and green vibes too. When you consider these things before buying, it helps you create a contemporary look in your building and home. Viva aluminum composite panel or ACP sheets are known for their ethereal beauty. You can sense the beauty of nature whenever you will come across its "inspired by nature" wooden sheets. Bring the aesthetic look to the office or residential complex today with Viva's range of wooden ACP.