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Timeless Piece as an Architects Souvenir for our Future Generation Made with Viva ACP

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The liberalization of the Indian economy in the 1990s led to an influx of foreign goods and services into Indian markets. The Indians were exposed to a brand-new experience for the first time. The architecture, like everything else, appeared to have undergone a significant shift at first glance. Architectural ACP's began to emerge on structures around the country. These aluminium composite panels first appeared in India, among other noteworthy discoveries.
Cities like Singapore and Dubai raised the bar for Indian architecture in the twenty-first century. Since they were unfamiliar with the idea of cladding—both exterior and interior—and how it could protect and create urban beauty, many architects looked for projects in India after economic liberalization. Everyone knows that ACP cladding is easy to install and maintain and has a very aesthetic design. Consequently, the demand for providers of aluminium composite panels increased.
ACP-clad structures gained popularity as the twenty-first century got underway. VIVA has become India's most sought-after ACP manufacturer that has maintained quality, ensuring that the price of aluminium composite panels is kept in a very reasonable range for customers in a variety of colours and textures. VIVA is now one of the most researched and innovative ACP manufacturers for architects. They also choose VIVA because of its quality-control approach; it has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium composite panel and contributes to the creation of good architectural solutions.

Why Choose VIVA?

With 20+ years of experience in the industry, the leading manufacturer VIVA now has -
  • Production capacity of 7 million m2 per annum and 30,000 Sq. Mt. daily production capacity with 7 Production lines and 3 coil coating lines.
  • FR Grade B1, A2 and A2+ ACPs with the certification of NFPA 285, EN13501-2018, EN11925.2:2020, EN13823:2010+ A1:2014 and ASTM D1929-16 by Thomas Bell-Wright, Fire safety and does not emit toxic gases.
  • Use the best raw materials from Hindalco, Spectrum, Nippon, PPG, Beckers, Dupont, and Reliance to ensure the world-class quality of products.
  • 60 in-house quality testing facilities to ensure the best quality of ACPs that are available with over 300 shades with 15 Premium Series.
  • Over 22 Company warehouses and 500 touchpoints ensure timely delivery.
  • Rain Screen Systems which ensures silicone-free installation with no special maintenance.
  • Recyclable and Green Products with 10-20years warranty.
Aluminium Composite Panel | ACP Panel

Latest Innovation from the House of VIVA

  • Fire retardant ACPs with FR B1, A2, and A2+ standards have negligible smoke release and flame spread, and zero melting droplets.
  • Anti-scratch ACP Sheets with scratch-resistant and anti-graffiti formulas that reduce corrosion and provide resistance against chemical cleaners.
  • Antibacterial ACP Panels with 99.99% antimicrobial performance that are coated with Silver Ion help repelling microbes.
  • VIVA has introduced self-cleaning ACP that is water and mud-repellent. This easy self-cleaning ACP with high abrasion resistance is perfect for short-throw projections.
  • Innovation being the key, VIVA has also introduced new series and shades like Tarnish Metallum- the legacy of metals,  AlZinto- ACPs in sync with the hues of Zinc, and Lustre- the highly matte shades . Along with these VIVA has 15+ ACP Series with unrivalled quality and consistent durability that can give a jaw-dropping experience to the viewer.
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VIVA Extended its Warranty from 10 to 20 Years

When we talk about trusting a product, we always ask about its warranty and guarantee. Imagine living completely worry-free for 10-20 years and more in your dream space! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you get a 10-20-year warranty on your building materials? Yes, VIVA is offering 10-20 years of warranty on their ACP sheets so that you can live a worry-free life.
With cutting-edge facilities, world-class machinery, and cutting-edge equipment powered by groundbreaking R&D, we prioritise quality, resulting in customer delight. We are the highest quantum producer with the lowest consumer grievances.
VIVA's quality promise is supported by a one-of-a-kind certification process that strengthens the warranty even further.
Viva ACP, your next-door partner, has been trusted and recognized by the architect, builder, and fabricator fraternities in India and abroad for its unrivalled quality, unmatched designs, and exciting hues and textures. Our extensive network and pan-Indian presence have helped us establish a strong reputation for serving leading domestic and foreign businesses. Our international exposure and global clients guarantee high-quality ACP cladding and prompt, courteous service.