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Architects and contractors often grapple with the need to find materials that not only meet structural requirements but also offer diverse design possibilities. When it comes to choosing material for building facades, signages, and interior decorations, Aluminium Composite Panel has emerged as a popular choice.
Aluminium composite panels have significant demand in the construction industry and in transportation industries. As the demand for flexible, and easy-to-install panels is increasing, the question of the best ACP sheet brand eludes consumers. So, if you want to purchase high-quality panels from the best ACP sheet manufacturing company in India, you must look for the top ACP manufacturers in India.

Have a look at the top ACP brands in India

Viva ACP

Viva is one of the top ACP manufacturers in India, established in the year 2003 in Mumbai. Viva ACP has over 300+ hues, 12 million production capacity annually, and 12 production lines which helps in delivering a wide product range, allowing designers to be creative and versatile with their creative imagination.
The product range of metal composite material of Viva MCP includes Copper Aluminium Sheet, Zinc Cladding, Aluminium Honeycomb Panels, and Aluminium Composite Panels which have anti-bacterial, up to 30 years of warranty and fire-retardant grades such as FRAI, FR A2+, FRA2, and FR B1 certified by Thomas Bell Wright Institute. Not only that, but Viva also boasts several certificates from national and international facade consultants, and Eco-Certificates that guarantee the sustainable qualities of the ACP sheets produced by the ACP giant.
Being the best ACP sheet company in India, Viva’s manufacturing units in Umbergoan, Gujarat are operated on solar-powered energy, making it the epitome of eco-conscious operations. Viva’s 500+ strong retail network (along with 18+ warehouses) makes sure that the supply chain remains flawless. Viva ACP not only dominates the Indian market but also the international market in the regions USA, Qatar, Kuwait, Vietnam, South Africa and Srilanka, as it has one of the largest export networks of the best ACP sheets.


Alucobond is one of the top ACP brands in India. They are part of 3A Composites and bring forth years of research and innovation in the panels. Available globally, Alucobond was founded in 1969 and since then has remained a renowned name in the ACP industry. They have a range of products in Aluminium Composite Panels, which also include fire retardant sheets such as Alucobond Plus, Alucobond A2 and Alucore A2. Some of their well-known ACP sheet series are Solid, Metallic, Spectra, Natural, Urban, etc.


Alubond is an Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) and Metal Composite Material (MCM) brand, and they are owned by Mulk Holdings International. To fulfil the growing demand for fire safety in the ACP industry, and the MCM industry, Alubond offers a full range of Fire rated Metal Panels that includes Solid Aluiminium, FR-A1 Mineral Core, and FR Euroclass B panels. Their Exotic Metal Panel consist of a range of metal composite materials which has the same core and different kind of skins such as Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, and Titanium.


Alpolic is a Metal Composite Material brand that offers premium MCM products and has enabled design possibilities for a newer generation. With 50 years in the business, Alpolic stands out and demands to be noticed in any setting. The panels are manufactured under precise quality control and supervision in Japan, Germany, and the United States. They offer ACP sheets of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm and have fire-resistant and graffiti resistance properties. Being the leading ACP sheet manufacturer and MCM brand, they offer metal composite material featuring skins of Copper, Zinc, Stainless Steel, and Titanium bonded to the same cores.


The ACP sheet manufactured at the facility of Reynobond consists of a unique PE core and the skin of the panels is finished with a variety of standard and bespoke finishes to make the panels easy to maintain, keep that everlasting shine intact, strong yet flexible, and lightweight panels.
They have excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability making them the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications such as in retail, hospitality, healthcare, and public spaces. At Reynobond, they offer only the most high-quality products that meet and exceed industry standards.


Albond was founded in 2002 by the Peker family, who have 60 years of experience in the industry of corporate identity projects with composite materials. Albond manufactures A2, B1, and B2 fire grade Aluminium composite panels. Their in-house cutting-edge technology, and expertise, have made them the leading ACP sheet manufacturer around the world.


Aludecor is a Kolkata-based firm and is one of the top ACP sheets manufacturers in India. They are known for their relentless effort to produce the best ACP sheets in the market. From its inception in 2002, Aludecor created a passion for innovation which has maintained its stature in the Indian ACP sheet manufacturing industry as a thought leader. Aludecor confirms the industry standard of manufacturing and before putting a quality product on the market they conduct stringent testing, colour checks, fire checks, and other mechanical and physical properties of the aluminium composite panel.


When looking for top ACP manufacturers in India, quality is of the utmost importance, and that’s what sets Alstone apart from other companies. They commit to superior quality– the panels are manufactured with the help of sophisticated machinery and high-grade materials to ensure they stand the test of time. The panels are tested to ensure they are resistant to fire, water, and moisture, making them a durable and long-lasting solution for all your business needs. With an extensive shade range, finishes and textures, you can be spoilt of choices with Alstone.


In the blog, we have mentioned the top ACP manufacturers in India. But, if you still have confusion regarding purchasing ACP sheets, then fret not and get on a call with our expert advisor. Contact us, or call our toll-free number 18003133770 today for an ACP sheet consultation.