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    Types of ACP Sheet Texture

    ACP Sheet Texture | ACP Cladding Texture | 3D ACP Sheet

    Types of ACP Sheet Texture

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    ACP sheets are a new-age material that’s used for constructing exteriors, interior applications, and signage. In today’s time, ACP texture is obtainable in a wide range of colours and textures like wood, stone, sand, 3D etc.

    ACP cladding material is highly reliable in terms of its life span as it can be easily bent or folded & mixed into shapes which cannot be achieved by other materials. This is a major reason why many interior designers & architects prefer these designs & dear them during any construction project.

    At Viva, our Aluminum Composite Panels are dedicated to providing you with the best quality & durability at all times. Our ACP sheet design texture is manufactured to perfection so it can be put to maximize its end-use.

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    Our ACP Sheet colour combination and texture are said to be very high in quality. Our panels are long-lasting panels. This feature of premium quality offering has made us at Viva one of the best and undisputed leaders of aluminium composite panel manufacturers in India.

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    We at Viva are considered to be a trusted partner in providing ACP sheets and innovative metal composite panels to numerous industry sectors including housing and commercial buildings for more than an era. Based in India for many years now, the ACP company is headquartered in Mumbai. Our factory productions competently cater to global clients and ensure the fastest distribution.

    Our promise at Viva is to keep bringing ground-breaking products to architectural landmarks with an inexpensive cost and enable their clients to create a modern and better world. Also choosing the right kind of ACP panel texture for your requirement is also important. For this reason, we have a wide range of ACP texture available. Some of them are:

    ACP Sheet Texture & Colour – Classic Sparkle

    This type of ACP Sheet texture is made up of aluminium coil comprising of the bottom layer. The primary and most important material used is the LDPE & the top comprises a PVDF coating. Our Classic Sparkle sheet also comes along with a warranty of 10 years. This type of sheet material, due to its sturdy nature can be easily used in surroundings with bad weather conditions.

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    ACP Panel Texture & Colour -Natural Stone Series

    We are at all times committed to bringing in new products that can help in enhancing customer satisfaction. For this very reason, we have also come up with our Natural stone series of the sheet with FEVE coatings.

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    At Viva, we also have the best in class Color Coating Line (CCL) which aids us to develop modified shades and cater the needs of our clients so we can customize the shades of the ACP sheets as per their requirements.

    Our ACP sheet or ACP cladding texture also comes in a wide range of options like Metallic, High Gloss, Sparkle, Mirror, Marble, 3D Shaded ACP, Wooden, Wooden Texture.

    Our products are always the most reliable & we believe in offering the most affordable prices to our customers. You can check out our wide range of ACP products or learn more about our ACP sheet texture on our website.