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Viva ACP’s Giant Leap in Production Capacity

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Viva Metal Composite Panel, a pioneer in the ACP sheet industry, is all set to establish an additional manufacturing unit. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our production capacity from 9 million sq. mt to an impressive 12 million sq. mt. This strategic move positions us as industry leaders and reaffirms our dedication to meeting the ever-growing demands for high-quality ACP sheets.

The forthcoming manufacturing unit is not merely an augmentation in our capabilities; it’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction. With an eye for the future, we are setting the stone to elevate ACP sheet experiences for architects, builders, and designers alike!

Viva ACP Breaking Barriers, Setting Benchmarks!
Architects, designers, and builders are no strangers to the application of ACP sheets on the aesthetics and functionality they add to modern structures. Here’s what makes our new facility a game-changer:

Exceptional Production Capacity
The heart of our expansion lies in the remarkable increase in production capacity. With the new factory setup, and the inclusion of a new colour coating line, our manufacturing unit at Umbergoan is now ready to produce a staggering 12 million square mt of ACP panels annually.

Advanced Technological Prowess
Setting up our new factory not only means better production capacity, but also better technology for advanced production process, and higher quality of ACP sheets. With state-of-the-art machinery, we are ready to give a facelift to Indian architecture and construction. We are pushing the boundaries of innovation at Viva by including our in-house research and development along with product innovation.

3 Bake Colour Coating
Besides being the first player in the ACP sheet industry to have 3 Colour Coating lines, we now have advanced 3 bake Coating Lines to prevent fading and dullness of the sheet over time. In all 3 new colour coating lines we utilise 3 bake coating to ensure the highest coil coating quality.

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What Does This Mean for You?
Timely Delivery: With our increased production capacity we are meeting the growing demand of the national and international market. Our increased capabilities mean quicker turnaround times, ensuring that your projects stay on schedule.

Versatility in Design: Our in-house research and development are more focused on experimenting with newer designs, and textures to bring forth the best for you. With the setting of a new factory and colour coating line, we are ready to elevate the design experiences of the Aluminium Composite Panel. The versatility in design range allows architects and designers to have endless possibilities in bringing their imagination to life.

Consistent Quality: The Viva promise of quality remains unwavering. Our new factory is built on a foundation of excellence, ensuring that each square meter meets the highest industry standards.

There’s more!!

Launching New Office in Qatar

Viva ACP | Qatar

In our effort to amplify our global presence and cater specifically to the thriving international trade market, we have set up our new office in Qatar. Our Qatar office is exclusively designed to serve the dynamic needs of the international trade community, offering unparalleled access to high-quality ACP sheets.

Stay Connected for the Grand Unveiling!

The excitement is building up, and we want you to be part of this transformative journey. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and be the first to witness the grand unveiling of our new factory. Viva ACP is not just about panels, but elevating architectural horizons and redefining possibilities.

The future of ACPs is here. Are you ready to embrace it?