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Viva ACPs – The New Age Construction Material

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Aluminium composite panels are all the rage in the contemporary architectural world, thanks to a range of pros that the material carries with it. From having an excellent look and feel to being long-lasting, this new-age material seems to have it all. We at Viva ACPs have summarised the array of benefits that ACP brings to your table so that you don't have to research it yourself. Let's have a better understanding of this new-age construction material along with its efficiency parameters.

What is ACP or Aluminium Composite Panel?

Aluminium Composite Panels are also known as sandwich panels, simply because the internal structure of the panels looks like a stacked sandwich once you cut it into two halves. ACP sheets constitute a core in the middle and two thin aluminium sheets on the top and the bottom. Now, the core can be made from a fire-retardant material to help tackle the spread of fire incidents. The core can alternatively also be made of Low-Density Polyethylene(LDPE), without having fire-retardant qualities. Next, to bring the core and the top and bottom layers of aluminium skins, Fluoropolymer resin(FEVE) or Polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF)can be used. Resins basically act as glue to hold together all the layers of the ACP sheets. At Viva, we also offer ACP sheets having 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm thicknesses. These ACP panels can be used either in exterior or interior spaces.

Types of ACP Panels:

ACP panels can be of several types. We at Viva ACPs offer beautiful ACP sheets in a variety of colors and textures to suit all of your designer needs. Also, we have added unique benefits to our ACPs, for example, we have Viva Fire-Retardant ACP sheets that will help you tackle the spread of fire in case of a devastating fire incident. We also offer Anti-Bacterial ACP sheets that are specially treated to diminish the spread of deadly microbes and bacteria.
Viva ACP sheets have a ton of advantages that make them perfect for your next construction project:

Easy to work with:

Viva ACP sheets are light in weight, which means they can be installed or carried to and from the construction site very easily. Also, Viva ACP sheets come with excellent bendability, ensuring that the ACP sheets can be installed wherever you want. The ACP sheets can be bent, turned, or folded rather easily.
Our ACP sheets are also low maintenance, meaning that they can be cleaned with minimal effort. Last but not least, the assembly of Viva ACPs is simple. Perforation and customization of Viva ACPs are also highly appreciated by our existing customers.


Did you know that Viva ACPs can score you high LEED points for your buildings? Since ACPs are recyclable and are made of non-toxic Lead-free paints, it inevitably ensures that there are no
pollutants going back to the ecosystem. In fact, our aluminium panel sheet or ACP sheet also has UV-resistant qualities and heat insulation properties to help you live your green building fantasies.


Viva ACP sheets are known for extreme durability. Let us tell you why! First, the ACP sheets produced at our Umbergaonfactoriescanwithstandanyform of corrosion while also keeping high gloss retention. Second, the paint is chip-resistant, which means that the ACPs have greater longevity. Third, these ACPs can be installed in urbanscapes or in mountainous regions and can withstand rugged weather. Our ACPs don't crack even under exposure to storms, rain, or the sun. Besides, Viva ACPs are termite, fungi, and borer resistant - unlike plywood and HPL boards, our ACPs don't fall prey to these harmful insects and microbes.

Modern Colors for Modern Spaces:

Viva ACP sheets come in 300+ colors, hues, tones, and textures. From natural marble, and natural wood finishes to modern metal abstract and corten steel finishes; our ACP sheets cover it all. Needless to say, we offer solid colors as well as customized colors for signage, etc.
Viva ACPs can be installed everywhere: sofit, facade, canopy, and overhang are some examples of exterior applications, while false ceiling, wall cladding, feature walls, cupboards, countertops, and partitions are some of Viva ACP's most common interior application cases. Our ACPs can also be used for signage, kiosks, displays, POPs, fascia, etc.
Check out our website to know more about the world of Viva ACPs. Give us a call on our toll-free number 18003133770 to explore the new-age material ACP and the unique ways in which we can customize Viva ACPs for you!