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    Redefining Urban Luxury: Viva Composite Panel's Sustainable Solution for Tru Hilton, NYC

    Tru Hilton Project by Viva ACP

    Redefining Urban Luxury: Viva Composite Panel's Sustainable Solution for Tru Hilton, NYC

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    In between the bustling sky towers of New York City, Tru Hilton is in the way of completing its luxury hotel in Gowanus, Brooklyn embodying remarkable collaboration between architects, dedicated developers and building materials suppliers like Viva Composite Panel.

    This five-storey hotel at 529 President Street designed by Architect Raymond Chan Architects and developed by RJ Hospitality LLC, accolades ACCP cladding facade to promote sustainable construction in the heart of New York City. With the understanding that the demand for sustainable, durable and aesthetically pleasing materials continues to rise, we recognized the opportunity to contribute to the iconic skyline with sustainable material ACCP.

    So, what is ACCP? And what makes it a sustainable construction material of today?

    ACCP is our innovation in the aluminium composite panel building material, here the core of the aluminium composite panel, i.e.; thermoplastic is replaced with a honeycomb aluminium design. The honeycomb structure as the panel’s core makes it strong, durable, and fire-retardant.

    We are the first one to introduce ACCP material for building facades and when the requirement in the Hilton Project came for a sustainable, lightweight yet robust structure came, we embarked on the journey to provide a state-of-the-art ACCP solution. With a focus on durability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency, the panels not only enhance the visual appeal of the Hilton project but also ensure long-term performance and sustainability.

    How is Viva ACP Elevating The Facade of Tru Hilton New York Project?

    Tru Hilton has grey metal panelling with a mix of red and angled louvres. The aesthetic of the construction resembles the chain of Hilton hotels across the nation.

    When RJ Hospitality LLC approached for the facade of their new construction project, apart from the obvious brief, they spelt out the desire to show “excellence” while being sustainable in their approach. Not only did they want the project to be embellished with only best-in-class material, but they also challenged our knowledge and experience to co-create new benchmarks in material and most importantly building performance.

    We embarked with them, and the features that we brought in with our panel range set the tone for the limitless possibilities.

    Fire-Retardant Core With ACCP

    During the brief, it was clear the project requires safety for its residents. We opted for ACCP, as the core does not contain any plastic material it has the highest grade of safety. The honeycomb core has a hexagonal structure that does not allow fire to spread rapidly and can retard penetration of fire for more than 2 hours.

    We not only established the efficiency of the panels during the fire accident, but our range of certificates and accreditation were the proof of the same. Thomas Bell Wright Institute Certified (they are an autonomous body and provide the highest accreditation of safety in facade materials), other than that the panels are NFPA 285, EN 13501, ASTM D1929 and ASTM E84 accredited.

    Consistency in Shade

    When it comes to enhancing the facade of such constructions, ensuring consistency in the shade range across all panels is paramount. To achieve this precision, we employ spectrophotometer technology—a device adept at capturing the precise colour shade and texture. This technology enables us to maintain uniformity throughout the project’s shade range.

    In our facilities, we boast an advanced in-house paint mixing system and a state-of-the-art 3-color coating line featuring 3-Bake technology. This combination empowers us to achieve the exact colour, texture, and tone desired for the project.

    Throughout the production process, which involves supplying thousands of panels, we meticulously ensure that each panel of the same shade is a replica of the others, guaranteeing consistency in colour and quality across the entire installation.

    Timely Delivery

    While on-boarding a project such as Tru Hilton which is being constructed at a fast pace, timely delivery holds utmost importance. Our authorised distributors and delivery partners have helped us to ensure timely deliveries.

    Pushing The Boundaries of Quality

    While on-boarding with the architectural firm we soon realized it was a project, where attention to detail was mandatory, and we brought that with our rigorous testing and quality checking. With our 12 million sq.mtr production capacity annually and numerous testing labs in-house, we had complete control over the quality of ACCP sheets. To ensure the safety of the panels we undergo 100+ lab tests in-house making us ensure the quality of the panels provided.

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    A Step Ahead In Innovation With Viva ACP

    As we celebrate this milestone in the Tru Hilton project, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaborative partnership. Viva Composite Panel’s contribution underscores the commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining industry norms. Together, we are shaping the skyline of tomorrow, one project at a time.