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Architecture and construction is a dynamic world. To progress, it is imperative that one consistently keeps on innovating. Viva, trusted and opted by the finest architects, builders and fabricators for the past 20 years has an ultra-modern approach towards architecture. With an aim to introduce the future in the present, Viva is producing a diverse array of top-quality composite panels to help improve and modernize the aesthetics, appearance, and durability of residential and commercial buildings in the country.

Our steadfastness to versatility in composite panel cladding stems from our commitment to the three ‘S’s in architecture: Style, Strength & Safety. Through Aluminium Composite Panel, Honeycomb Panels, Copper Aluminium Sheets, and Zinc Composite Panels, we are presenting in front of our customers varieties of strong, long-lasting and visually impeccable building materials that can be used in multitudes of applications.

Stocked up with the exact finish, texture, colour, thickness and length that you are looking for, our sleek, modern and eco-certified composite panel solutions are tailored to cater to your unique customisation demands.

Let us now delve deep into each of these wall cladding options to understand how different their applications, aesthetics and features are and how no matter what your need is, we make sure to cover it.

Aluminium Composite Panel: The Modern Skin Of Architecture
Popularly known as “ACP Sheets”, Aluminium Composite Panels are most commonly used for the cladding of both exterior and interior facades. They are multi-layer panels that consist of two aluminium sheets that are painted and bonded together to a thermoplastic central core.

Lightweight, corrosion and shock-resistant, recyclable and long-lasting, ACP sheets are used for cladding all kinds of facades, restoration, rehabilitation, covering columns, balcony cladding, installation of cantilevers and canopies and for automotive industrial applications.

Viva’s ACP sheets available in thicknesses of 3, 4 & 6mm can be utilised for all of the above-mentioned purposes along with various applications in metro coaches, railway stations and airports. Some of the reasons why our ACP panels stand out is because our PE/FR constructional or architectural panel sheets consist of PVDF resin coating (XT/highly durable polyester paint) and nano PVDF coating, while our digital printing/signage consists of FEVE resin or polyester coating.

Our ACP sheet collection includes series such as Mirage Fluted, Santa Fe, Galaxy, Desert, Premium Marble, Elemento, Classic Sparkle, Glossy, Natural Stone, Brush, Lustre, Tarnish, Wooden Texture, Wooden ACP Sheet, Mirror, Premium Wooden, Rustic, Solid & Metallic, HPL Sheet, Metal Abstract and AlZinc, is armed with every possible colour, finish, texture, grain and thickness that you can think of.

These series of ACP panels, unlike any other company, have a 3-bake coating technology that allows our premium national and international clients to get orders in brand-new customized hues. Every solution of ours is built with innovation. We do not just merely enhance the interior and exterior of your structure; we transform the space.

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Aluminium Honeycomb Panels: A Leap Towards Innovation
The honeycomb aluminium panel, one of our latest innovations in structure, replicates the look of real beehives and is an ultra-modern take on aluminium composite panels. Unique in terms of their visual appeal and aesthetics, they are also strong, durable and versatile.

Our honeycomb aluminium panels are made of aluminium alloy AA3003/AA3105/ AA5005, where the thickness of aluminium core is 0.05mm to 0.08mm, and the thickness of honeycomb panel is from 10 mm to 25 mm.They are also lightweight, fire-resistant,good acoustic properties, highly efficient and 100% recyclable.

Exhibiting an exemplary artistic look, these panels elevate the style and elegance of public spaces such as metro coaches, railway stations and airports. You can also install it in your residence to clad your ceilings and facades. Coming with a 15-year warranty, our honeycomb panels have excellent impact and wear resistance that benefit the structural strength of the concerned building.

The Aged Beauty Of Copper Aluminium Sheets
Viva- the industry torchbearer of style and elegance is introducing to you a thing of exquisite beauty: copper aluminium sheets. A composite building material whose top layer is Copper and the bottom layer is Aluminium, these sheets are unique blend of timeless elegance and structural durability. When they are added to exteriors or interiors, it is called ‘Copper Cladding’. With all the features of copper along with composite panels, these sheets give creative freedom to architects and space shapers. 100 % recyclable, sustainable, eco friendly, fireproof and durable like all of our other products, these copper sheets have a unique allure: they reveal a captivating glossy finish, reflecting the vibrant essence of their surroundings.

Boasting a pliable, red-orange tone, these sheets undergo oxidation- which initiates the transformative journey of wethered metal that has a rustic allure of brown and red. Over time, due to metamorphosis, the red-orange tone changes to shades of green which is known as the Patina of Copper. This alteration is why copper stands out and these sheets make your architecture look like a masterpiece. Mostly used in facades, roofing, and wall panelling in interiors, our latest launch ‘Phases’ is a series of copper composite panels that ensure to add depth and character to your architecture.

Zinc Composite Panels: The Real Game Changer In Modern Facades
One of the most common metals in the building and construction industry, Zinc has been put into use by Viva in a captivating and innovative way. We at Viva proudly present to you our exquisite zinc composite panels through our alliance with ElZinc, a leading international producer and supplier of architectural zinc sheets.

The Zinc Composite Panels because of their strength, durability, low maintenance requirements, and distinctive aesthetics, have emerged as a top priority for all concerned in the construction industry- house owners, architects and designers. By undergoing a unique phenomenon called the patination effect, these panels get aided with a beautiful coating as well as protection from moisture, dust accumulation, or scratches. This power of self-healing can be seen in no other design.

Non-sensitive to rust and corrosion, these recyclable and eco-certified panels are also aesthetically superior in appearance and can be easily fabricated to suit any design, thereby achieving the perfect blend of ethereal beauty and eco-friendliness.

Our alliance with ElZinc has led to two standout creations ElZinc Alkimi and ElZinc Rainbow that upgrade commercial office spaces, residential buildings and industrial facades to a whole new level of style, elegance and safety. At Viva, we have also introduced the highest number of Zinc Composite Panel shades in the country which includes Rainbow Rojo/Red, Rainbow Verde/Green, Rainbow Azul/Blue, Rainbow Oro/Gold, Rainbow Ebano/Black, Rainbow Marron/Brown, Graphite, Oliva, Slate, Natural, Lava and Crystal, thus making sure that every demand of yours is met with utmost perfection.

The One-Stop Solution For All Your Cladding Needs
Viva is the leading aluminium composite panel manufacturer in India that doesn’t just produce lighter and more stable, but also fire-retardant, 100% recyclable and exceptionally easy-to-install building materials. An organisation where the future has already commenced, our massive range of products starting from fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-scratch and self-cleaning ACPs to unique innovations such as zinc composite panels, rain screen systems, copper aluminium sheets, colour-coated aluminium oil and aluminium honeycomb panels, has been for long now the most versatile and adaptable spectrum of building materials that you will come across.

Accommodating every purchasing wish of yours, we are now also the leading exporter of ACPs globally. A game changer in the building industry, our innovative products are supplied through a network of more than 18+ warehouses and 500 dealer-distributor networks across the country and overseas. Our Products also undergo in 100+ Lab testing Inhouse and are recognized By Thomas Bell Wright Institute Certified. Continually striving for excellence, we continue to deliver to our customers with pride, helping them achieve maximum satisfaction every single time.