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VIVA's ACP In Teak Shade Will Leave You Spellbound

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Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs) are an excellent choice for building structures that require substantial resistance to degradation.

ACPs have an exceptionally high decorative value, which has attracted modern-day architectural designers and builders to give both interior and exterior spaces an elegant, sleek, and classy appearance.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs) are an excellent choice for building structures that require substantial resistance to degradation.

VIVA, a prominent name in the ACP industry with years of experience complementing our expertise, has been successful in exploring and expanding into new markets. We have succeeded in carving out a niche for ourselves in the Aluminum Composite Panel Industry as well.

Being a pioneer in the ACP cladding industry, Viva places customer satisfaction at the heart of all its activities. We love pampering our clients by offering a superabundance of breathtaking shades, remarkable textures, and eye-catching designs to pick from. We bet our 300+ ACP hues will make your living space an artistic masterpiece.

300+ ACP Shades from VIVA | ACP Cladding

Viva's ACP cladding in wooden series is available in a plethora of textures, colors, grunge overlays, and grain patterns. The ethos of eco-friendly brands fits very well with wood. Furthermore, wood is used in the making of modern musical instruments.

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The warm brown color of Teak is alluring and complements all spaces and surroundings. The delicate and sustainable shade of Teak renders a cozy and ‘close to nature atmosphere to the area of application without compromising the convenience of modern architecture. Adding teak shades to your residential or commercial spaces will add a rich aesthetic appeal to the architecture while adding a sense of luxury and elegance.

We feel honoured to announce that the renowned South Indian Music Director Prakash Ulliyeri entrusted us to design his Music Production Studio, Tatva - The Musical Solutions. Tatva is a 2500 square foot apartment, located in Puthur, Palakkad. Kaja Glass House is the artist behind the masterpiece. The project was delivered to our prestigious client in 20 days.

Prakash Ulliyeri, our esteemed client, requested that Tatva, his dream project, should feature a flamboyant Guitar theme. Thus, we customized the architecture of Tavta in such a way with our ACP cladding that it reflects the Director’s taste in music.

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Tatva is unmatched in its elegance and exudes an aura of sophistication, thanks to VIVA’s ACP cladding in exotic teak shades VA 344, VA 317, VA 114, and VA 399. We went out of our way to contribute to the intricate design of Tatva, keeping in mind the functionality of the building.

The Bottom Line

VIVA takes immense pride that our unwavering commitment to quality has led us to excel and thrive in the ACP cladding industry with aplomb.

We are an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, CE, and LEED-certified company. We are equipped with the ultramodern Color Coating Line (CCL), enabling clients with varying requirements to choose their desired shade. Furthermore, we offer our clients the luxury of having ACP cladding that matches their corporate identities by providing them with customized solutions. We use peel-off resistant lead-free paint to negate any health hazards.

VIVA's ACP cladding is no doubt every designer's delight due to the creative freedom we offer.