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The aim of using a high-quality HPL ACP sheet is that it makes the interiors and exteriors of a building visually appealing. HPL ACP sheets come up in a great range of designs and patterns which adds a great deal of classiness to high-rise commercial and residential buildings, bungalows, and mansions.
Viva is one of the premier ACP sheet manufacturers in India and its products are trusted and selected by Architect, Builders, and Fabricator fraternities in India as well as abroad over the past 18 years. When it comes to ACP shades, Viva has a wide collection of shade series to flaunt, like Corton Steel, Galaxy, Dessert, Premium Marble, Natural Stone, Elemento, and Mirror, to name a few.
One of our most popular shades which are loved by many is the HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) series shades. It is one of the most reliable, durable, and cost-effective decorative surface material. Viva’s HPL series features unparalleled quality and durability and is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns which makes the surface eye-catching and appealing.

The reasons why you should choose Viva’s HPL Series –

  • It features an aluminium base which is far more superior than the paper base and it is 90° bendable.
  • It features natural-looking wooden and stone shades which look quite aesthetic. It can also be customized to just any colour.
  • It has a dark brown core to match wooden and stone shades
  • Available in 6mm and 8mm thickness.
  • Light-weight with easy to fabricate and install.
  • It is a green product that is recyclable.
  • Available with anti-bacterial properties.
  • Features zero moisture absorption.
It is fire-resistant (FR Class A2 & B1), water-resistant and termite-proof
The weather-resistant and scratch-resistant features are also available.
Being one of the leading ACP sheet manufacturers in India, these are some of the best properties which Viva HPL series features. The shades offered by Viva’s HPL are – Sparkle White, Tiger Black Marble, Ferrari Red, Versace Brown, Armani Black, Charminar Red, California Rustic, Natural Walnut, Cement, Chic Paradigm, Parlato, Plain Teak, Paldao Rustic.