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Westport Pune Gets Adorned with Viva Corten Steel ACP

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Viva is proud to have completed a successful collaboration with one of the pioneering commercial projects in India. A dynamic space, Westport Pune today stands as a hallmark of architectural excellence. Combined with a striking building design and an eye-catchy exterior, Westport is the talk of the town. So, what makes this tower so special?
Spread over 1.06 acres, Westport Pune is a 9-floor building with 154 units to offer. Designed to cater to individual retail spaces on the lower and upper ground floor, the building also offers double-height main road-facing showrooms. What truly catches the attention is the impeccable exterior finish with Viva Corten Steel-2 ACP panels.
But wrapping up the project during the pandemic period in only 21 months wasn’t butter-smooth. Interested to see what the journey looked like? Come along!

Viva ACP: Making the Choice

At Viva, we spoke to architects Mr Abhikalpan, Mr Kedar Kulkarni and Mr Ashok Patel—in charge of giving Westport Pune, its ultimate makeover. With Aluminium Composite Panels being their choice for the building’s front elevation, the team came across over 300+ shades from the house of Viva and found the perfect match!
A rich brown copper shade, the Corten Steel 2 from our Metal Abstract series blended seamlessly with the architects’ vision. Our Metal Abstract series is a modern undertaking on the unique patterns and roughness of metal panels. Unique and appealing, the panels also have excellent weather resistance and durability, which come with a warranty of 15 years. Patina, Nautica Black, Brown Agate Metal, Storm Swirl, Corten Steel 1 are some of the other shades we have in the series.

Selection Process Made Easy

At Viva, we ensure that our clients have the smoothest of experiences when it comes to the selection of panels for exterior cladding, facades, and front elevations. Our representatives and team of experts advise in the material selection and make suggestions depending on the suitability of colour, pattern, finish, and textures. We put forward the best combinations and choices for them to effortlessly make an informed choice.
In Project Westport, our team visited the site with samples for the initial selections Demonstrating with the help of the Corten Steel 2ACP sheet sample contributed to a better understanding of the panels, as well as making a better estimate of the quantity required.
Impeccable Aesthetics and Unparalleled Quality Offering a wide range of variety in the aesthetics of the panels, Viva caters to over 300 variations for architects, builders and designers to choose from. We offer several different finishes which include Glossy, Natural, Metal, Desert, Wooden, Brush, Solid, Mirror, and others.
The uneven surface and the rough edges of the Metal Abstract series represent the natural ageing of the panels and a dark brown aesthetic. Manufactured using two sheets of Aluminium to a core, these sheets are strong, and resistant to natural elements including weathering, rusting, and fading—thanks to the advanced manufacturing technology and the layers of coating. In addition, the panels go through several levels of stringent checking and tests to make them be at par with international standards.
Westport Pune Gets Adorned with Viva Corten Steel ACP

Timely Delivery and Adequate Backup: Viva’s Exceptional Contribution

The foundation of Westport Pune was laid down in January 2020, which was soon followed by phases of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with extraordinary dedication the team pulled off the project completion in just mere 21 months. With the difficulty of sourcing labourers coupled with the uncertainty of transporting the Corten Steel-2 ACP sheets, completing the project on time seemed like a far-fetched idea.
However, abiding by our mission of offering superior-quality aluminium composite panels, we also firmly believe in providing top-notch customer service which makes us different from others. Viva ensured the timely delivery of the Corten Steel sheets along with the adequate supply of the material to reduce any probable downtimes. Team Westport lauded Viva for its dedication towards customer satisfaction even during the most critical hours.

Echoing Success with Viva ACP

A modern commercial space positively reflects upon the standards of a business operating in the building. Westport Pune is a shining example of an incredible architectural design and remarkable exterior design. Team Westport experienced a fantastic response upon the completion of the project. The phenomenal exterior facade of the building has contributed to the team receiving numerous enquiries for occupancy.

Sustainable Choice Coupled with Enticing Design

Commercial projects largely depend on energy to enjoy seamless functionality, however, such costs typically drain the finances. Employing energy-efficient materials in the construction of commercial high-rises can hugely benefit the owners and occupants.
Corten Steel ACP by Viva is more than a facade material. These panels are designed to act as thermal insulators, which help regulate the inner temperatures of the complex. Thanks to the ACP panels which play a role in keeping the heating and cooling costs low, by keeping the interior warm in winter and cool during summer. Additionally, commercial buildings in busy locations like Westport gain acoustic insulation from these panels too.

Why Choose Viva’s Aluminium Panels

As one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminium Composite Panels in India, Viva offers superior-quality ACP panels to be used as building cladding, facades, and front elevations. With captivating and unique colours, textures, and finishes, we offer you over 300 variations to give your building’s exteriors and interiors a unique makeover.

What Makes Viva ACP Sheets Different?

ACP Sheets Features
  • Durability and Longevity - We source the highest quality raw material so that there is no compromise on the quality of the ACP.
  • Lightweight and Easy Installation - We understand the importance of strong yet lightweight architectural ACPs. Hence, Viva ACPs are incredibly low in weight yet immensely sturdy and durable.
  • Customisable Design Options - Apart from the 300+ shades, Viva also offers customisable design and shade options, to help you find the right match for your requirements.
  • Weather Resistance - We use the latest industry knowledge and technology to design panels that are water-resistant, anti-bacterial, as well as scratch resistant.
  • Fire retardance - Viva manufactures ACP panels that ensure fire safety in case of an accidental fire. We use FR A2+ cores which have no plastic cores that are infamous for causing fire spreads.
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