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What Are The Factors One Should Know Before Buying An ACP Board?

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In the past couple of decades, the ACP board has become reliable signage material for SMEs. The futuristic material is easy to install and maintain which is why it is preferred to add oomph in the retail shops.
Lately, the widespread use of ACP has led to fraudsters and low-quality boards, which made us realize the need of understanding the quality of ACP, so you can stay away from fake signage boards.
To help you in buying the perfect board for business or any other purpose, we have integrated a few factors which are a must to consider while buying one for your needs.

The defining factors to choose an ACP sheet are:

Texture and Finish

ACP boards are a visual way of attracting a consumer to the shop, so this aesthetic plays a vital part. Our product range includes glossy and matt finish. Apart from that, our corten steel series, wooden ACP, and LED 3-D elevated signage board are breathtaking in design.
In a sign board, uniqueness is as important as the designs, the name of your brand or logo enhances the aesthetic look of the board. Keeping this in view, Viva offers complete customization on the ACP board. From color to the design, Viva's ACP board is tweaked according to consumer needs.

Area of Application

The ACP Board is of different types, some can be installed on the roadside to provide information to on-goers, while others are heavy and need to be installed on the top of a retail shop. The difference in application defines the thickness and design of the signage board.
The 3mm or 4mm thin sheets are fit for roadside signboards. While 4mm is useful for retail shop signboards. These ACP boards are not susceptible to damage and do not break even in windy weather.
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Quality of ACP Board

While buying the signage board you cannot compromise on quality. To check that, look at the sheets cautiously, the boards should have ripple-free, bubble-free smooth surfaces. Ensure the sheets do not have any damage or crack and whether or not it is scratch-resistant. Superior quality ACP sheets have scratch resistance of up to 3H.
Apart from checking the surface, ensure the quality of the board is not sub-standard by smacking it hard on the table. If the board breaks from the corner or a crack comes up, then don't buy it.
ACP boards are colour coated with the help of an oven and then heated at optimum temperature, this ensures the color won't fade away or easily peel off. To check this, scratch the surface of the board with a fingernail or scrapper, if the paint comes off then don't buy it.

Check The Certification of the Manufacturer

A country or an industry provides certification to the brands for maintaining the quality standards of a product. Certification of a brand ensures they have passed quality testing and it is appropriate to install at shops on the roadside as boards.
Look for ISO certification as ISO certified products are of premium quality and guarantee you are investing in the right product. For FR grade products, look for tests such as NFPA285, EN-13501, and ATSM-E119. These tests adhere to the national and international standards of fire safety.


Being an informed consumer can save your time, effort, and money in this age. Look out for these factors before you invest your money in the ACP board. If you want to skip out on the effort of finding the best ACP board manufacturer, then contact Viva.
We are one of the leading names in ACP board and ACP sheet manufacturer for façade, signage, and ACP cladding. To know more about the ACP board reach out to our team of experts. Call on 18003133770 or email