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What Is Better For Your Home Décor: ACP Cladding or Painting?

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Planning to renovate a commercial or residential building? Then to enhance the look, the two material that comes to mind is Aluminum composite panel (ACP Sheet) or paints. Traditionally, paint was the material of choice for elevating home décor, but for a couple of decades, another material that is in rage is the ACP sheet.
ACP sheet allows the designer and homeowner to reinvigorate the design of the home within the existing style of your home. While ACP is costlier than paint, it is easier to maintain. If you are flummoxed between these two materials, then here is a breakdown and checklist that gives you clarity of choice why ACP cladding is better than painting.


Paints like acrylic paint are made of polymer fiber that brings a glossy sheen and makes the surface reflective, and it can last for years but it does not have a different texture.
While ACP cladding is the material that is available in hundreds of color finishes and textures can vary widely. From wooden ACP sheet cladding to stone ACP cladding, you can add any texture that fits the requirement of your home.
Wooden ACP cladding - Viva ACP


Want to add unique color to your home but are unable to find that in premium paints? Then ACP sheet is the right cladding material for you.
We understand the uniqueness one looks for while renovating an existing home, or designing a new one. This is why Viva ACP provides complete customization. We customize with colors according to your choice and provide the texture which you want to include.
Customization gives you the freedom to design to be unique and different from others. Viva ACP provides complete customization - VIVA ACP


Do you know paint is not eco-friendly? Yes, you read it right. According to a report from World Health Organisation, paints increases the risk of cancer in professional decorator by up to 40%. Most of the paint releases toxins and VOC in the air, making it unhealthy for people living inside and for the environment.
However, with ACP sheet cladding, you can avoid this completely. ACP sheets are manufactured from aluminum and thermoplastic core which has a powder coating. For a fact, all of these components are completely recyclable making them eco-friendly. The scrapped aluminum panel sheet is used for making new sheets ensuring nothing goes to landfills.

Thermal Protection

With climate change, it is evident winters will be extremely cold while summer would mean heat waves. To protect yourself and your family in interiors in these situations, ACP plays a key role.
ACP sheet balances out the difference in temperature with help of the vacuum effect. It lowers up to 2-3 degrees in interiors during summer while in winters it keeps the heat intact and ensures in the cold night you feel a little warmer inside.
ACP Cladding Thermal Protection System - VIVA ACP
With paints, you don't get these features and end up depending more on appliances such as fan, cooler, heater, and AC.


As we can analyze from the above differences Viva's ACP sheets are a contemporary, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient solution for building cladding. Nevertheless, these sheets are durable and long-lasting.
Viva is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum composite panels. These sheets are designed and manufactured in a high-tech manufacturing unit at Umbergaon. To check out Viva's wide product range that consists of different composite materials and textures of the sheets, click here -