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    Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses And Sizes?

    Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses - Viva ACP Sheet

    Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses And Sizes?

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    Aluminium Composite Panels are flat panels made up of rubber and aluminium. ACP sheets are available in various shades, designs, texture, thickness and sizes. In today’s era, the demand for ACP sheets is very because of the unparalleled properties that it offers. It makes the interior or exterior surface of a building clean, bright and enchanting which gives it an aesthetic look. ACP Panels are used for building exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling decorations, renovation of old buildings, advertising signs and display stands.

    The thickness and sizes of ACP sheets largely depend on the height at which it is to be installed. It is because of the difference in wind velocity in various altitudes. At Viva, our ACP sheet thickness is divided into 3mm ACP, 4mm, and 6mm. Thick ACP sheets of 4mm and 6mm are used for buildings and offices.

    ACP Sheet Sizes and Thicknesses - Viva ACP Sheets

    ACP sheets which are used for interior and exterior possess a different set of broadness and thickness. ACP panels which are of 3mm thickness are used in trolley and drawers. 6MM ACP sheets are used for exterior purposes as they are quite strong and sturdy.

    Viva, being one of the largest ACP sheet manufacturers in India has a collection of 3mm, 4mm and 6mm Aluminium Composite Panel which are of superior quality. We also offer the highest number of ACP shades in the country – Corton Steel, Galaxy, Dessert, Natural Stone, Premium Marble, Classic Sparkle, Mirror, Premium Wood and many more to go. The shades and textures can also be customized as per the client’s requirements. Our ACP sheets also come with various properties such as Fire Retardant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Scratch and Self-Cleaning. We use Lead-free paint, certified by the IGBC which poses no threat to the environment.