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    Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses And Sizes?

    ACP Sheet Sizes | Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Sizes & Thicknesses

    Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses And Sizes?

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    In the world of modern construction, the aluminium composite panel has evolved as one of the popular materials for facade and front elevation. These sheets are known for elevating the aesthetics along with adding functional benefits to the structures. The ACP panels consist of a polymer core which is made of 100% virgin plastic or Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and thin sheets of aluminium sandwiching the core are available in various shades, designs, textures, thicknesses and sizes.

    The architects and designers navigating the choice of ACP sheet sizes must consider the thickness of the panels judiciously as it plays a pivotal role in ensuring structural integrity, longevity, compliance with regulation and climate resistance. Let’s dive deeper into the blog and know the thickness of the coil, the core and the panels and how these factors contribute to elevating the visual appeal and the durability of the construction.

    Exploring The Thickness of ACP Sheet Sizes: 3mm, 4mm & 6mm

    The choice of the right ACP sheet size is a crucial factor when it comes to modern construction. And the reason for this is the distinctive needs of interior and exterior facading. So, for say, in interior is less prone to damage from heat, humidity and UV rays in comparison to the exterior. For which, exteriors require thicker panels in comparison to interiors. We understand that we have a range of thicknesses in our ACP panel categories which are available in 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. Let’s understand the application and specification of these panels.

    ACP Sheet Sizes and Thicknesses

    Aluminium Panel Sheets Sizes/Thickness Chart

    The ACP panel sheets are available in various sizes, panel thicknesses, and skin thicknesses. The common ACP sheet sizes include 2440mm X 1220mm, 3050mm X 1220mm, and 3660mm X 1220mm, while the thickness of the panel varies between 3mm ACP sheet, 4mm ACP sheet, and 6mm ACP sheets, with the thickness of the skin ranging from 0.25mm to 0.50mm.

    Dimensions of Aluminium Composite Panel


    3mm ACP Sheet: The Choice of Sleek Foundations

    The 3mm ACP sheets are ideal for construction where structural load is not a primary concern, these sheets are often chosen for interior design elements, signage, and projects requiring sleek and minimalist appearance. The thin panels are easy to handle and fabricate with intricate designs enabling creative freedom for architects and designers. These panels have 0.21 to 0.25mm thick aluminium alloy coils and have a 2.5mm core. The thickness of the coil is the same in the bottom and top layers, along with a three-coat PVDF coat and protective film.

    4mm ACP Sheet: The Standard Choice

    The 4mm ACP panel stands as the industry standard, offering a well-balanced solution for a wide range of applications. This ACP Sheet size strikes a chord between structural integrity and design flexibility, making it a popular choice for exterior cladding, architectural facades and building innovation. The durability of 4mm ACP sheets is capable of withstanding the rigours of outdoor exposure, which includes rain, and temperature fluctuations.

    At Viva, the this type of sheets are available in two forms; one has a 3.0mm core with 0.5mm thick coil in the lower and upper sections, and another form has a 3.5mm core with 0.25mm aluminium coil thickness. The difference in core thickness differentiates its application in interior and exterior facades.

    6mm ACP Sheet: The Robust Shield

    For projects that demand an extra layer of resilience, the 6mm ACP sheet steps into the spotlight. These thicker panels provide a robust solution, often preferred for high-rise buildings, areas with extreme weather conditions, or applications where additional insulation and fire resistance are critical. While heavier than their thinner counterparts, these sheets offer unparalleled strength, making them suitable for projects that prioritize longevity and structural stability.

    Viva’s 6mm ACP sheet size contains 0.50mm, 0.30mm, and 0.25mm thick aluminium alloy coils and has 5.5mm, 5.4mm, and 5mm thermoplastic FR and Non-FR graded core. Which is why it is mostly preferred for exterior applications.

    Tips To Choose The Right Thickness of Aluminium Composite Panels

    Selection of the Area

    The location in which the Aluminium panel sheet has to be installed plays a critical role in the choice of the ACP sheets. The requirement for the exterior differs from the requirement for the interior. For the interior ACP panel of 3mm is the better choice while for the exterior the choice must be sturdy and able to resist weather changes for which 4mm and 6mm panels are preferred.

    Type of Application

    Different applications, such as signage, cladding, or interior decoration, may demand specific thickness requirements. Tailoring the ACPpanel sheet thickness to the application enhances the overall suitability and performance of the ACP.

    Climate and Environmental Factors

    The climate and environmental factors pose varying challenges to construction materials. By selecting the right thickness, architects and builders can enhance the ACP’s resistance to environmental factors such as wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring sustained performance.


    Viva, being one of the leading ACP panel manufacturers, has a collection of 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm ACP panel sheet sizes in the range of ACP sheet designs. Understanding the nuances of the right thickness allows industry professionals to make informed decisions and manage the resources effectively.

    Want to purchase Aluminium panel sheets in the right sizes then reach out to us at crm2@vivaacp.com or call us at our toll-free number at 18003133770.