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Why Aluminium Composite Panels Are Preferred Over Other Cladding Materials?

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Beauty in architecture brings us immense joy and happiness. It is worthy of celebration as the aesthetics can make a significant positive difference on how a building looks.
Cladding on the exterior walls and even on the interior of homes and commercial spaces are nowadays becoming immensely popular due to its inherent advantages. It protects the structure from harsh weather conditions and increases its aesthetic value.
Back in the day when ACP sheets were not introduced in the market, every time a new project brief arrived, the architect had to go through the dilemma of selecting the right material for the façade. But today, as we have these modern cladding materials called Aluminium Composite Panels, things are much easier.
Many cladding materials have come and gone, but the beauty and benefits of Aluminium Composite Panels have stayed and will probably stay forever.
ACPs are always among the most preferred choices for cladding. But it’s not just the sheer aesthetics of ACP sheets that makes it immensely popular in the façade renovation sector and the first go-to product. The best quality Aluminium Composite Panels from the leading ACP sheet manufacturers in India boasts superior qualities like durability, fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, etc.
Now, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty why ACP cladding is preferred over other cladding materials.
Some of the other cladding materials are fiber Laminate Boards, Natural Stone, and Vitrified tiles.

Are Aluminium Composite Panels better than the above-mentioned materials? Let’s learn

  • Price–Although the prices of Aluminium Composite Panel vary from brand to brand, in general the price of ACP cladding is significantly lower than that of wood and marble. ACP sheets are the most budget-friendly cladding materials available in the market.
  • Design and Texture–Being a leading ACP cladding manufacturer in India, we offer more than 300 shades to our customers which includes Corten Steel, Galaxy Desert, Mirror, Sparkle, etc. along with the convenience of customization. When ACPs are compared with their adversary materials their shades and textures are much limited.
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  • Weight – If the cladding material is heavy, then it will be difficult to handle and install. If it is a large-scale project then it will be even more difficult. As Aluminium Composite Panels are the most lightweight cladding materials, they are much easy to handle, install and disassemble. The lightweight feature of ACP cladding makes it easy to transport and use in construction activities.
  • Features – It is needless to mention the unique features of ACP panels. Apart from boosting the aesthetic appeal of a building, they are also available in fire-retardant and anti-microbial variants and they have several other unique properties. Other cladding materials do not have such features to boast of. 
Wrapping up
All the above-mentioned facts simply state how superior Aluminium Composite Panels are when compared to other cladding materials not only in terms of price but also from various other aspects.
However, if you are looking for superior quality ACP cladding, then we at Viva have got you covered with over 300+ shades and other unique features that our ACP sheets have.