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Why Choose ACP for High Rise Building

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There are a variety of cladding materials to choose from for high-rise buildings, but the one that stands out in the plethora of options is - Aluminium Composite Panel(ACP).
The high-rise buildings can either be commercial property or residential properties whose design may vary depending upon the location and purpose, but one thing that stays constant in these properties is visually appealing cladding material. Be it residential or commercial, every structure benefits from the right cladding material, it is an investment that impacts the property's future success both in functionality and aesthetics.
The ACP panels are made of aluminum, polyethylene core, and different type of coating which meets a wide range of demands put by the builders or architects for a high-rise building construction project. The ACP sheets are specifically designed to meet modern architectural needs.

Eye-catching Looks

A high-rise building is commonly made for residential purposes or commercial purposes. This means if the building is for residents it will reflect in design and so do the commercial projects will reflect a company's value.
The builders, designers, and architects value the ACP sheet for high-rise buildings for its versatility in design. Be it solid color ACP sheet, matt look, wooden ACP, or 3-D illusion sheets, Viva's collection is vibrant.
These sheets are an excellent medium to showcase the builder's or architect's identity with the cladding, as these are easy to customize in any form. Viva has over 300+ designs that can be shaped into any form as asked by the client.

Long-Lasting and Maintenance Free

The cladding material in a high-rise building is susceptible to damage as it is not protected from rain and UV rays. But, when ACP sheets are put to test in such conditions it shines!
ACP sheets are crack-free and resist mushrooming of microbes or rust in the sheets. This makes it long-lasting and maintenance-free. The protective covering of the sheets repels the settlement of dirt and grime, so if you are fretting over the dullness of the sheet due to dirt you can keep that thought at bay with Viva's ACP sheet.

Time-efficient Installation

Installing any cladding material in a high-rise building is a time-consuming task. But we value your time and ensure the projects are completed as soon as possible with the glamourized finish. ACP sheets are lightweight to carry even onto the topmost floor. These can either be installed on an MS frame or a male-female profile.
It is easy to install, as these sheets are fixed with rivets and nuts. Some ACP sheets are installed in the hanging process, this means they are pasted with resin onto the wall of the building. The effort, labor, and time-saving property of the ACP sheet improve the fundamental of any developing construction project. We recommend using 4mm & 6mm ACP sheets for High Rise buildings, depending on weather and wind pressure in that area.


A nice façade is a timeless beauty that gives an impression on the on-lookers. Viva's ACP sheet for high-rise buildings is an excellent choice for cladding. Viva's ACP sheets are available from natural marble, and natural wood finishes to metal abstracts, we cover it all. To know about our collection and textures, check out our product website's product page or you can call on toll-free number 18003133770.