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ACP Sheet Colour Coated Aluminium Coil

Why Choose Viva For Colour Coated Aluminium Coil?

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Colour Coated Aluminium Coil is in rage among professionals from various industries such as appliances, composite material, and electronics. The coils exhibit a range of benefits, some of them are lightweight, recyclable, corrosion resistance, and uniformity of color.
Viva has made its name in the national and international market with it’s impeccable aluminium composite panel  sheet range. Vibrant colorful sheets with versatility in texture make these sheets popular in the market. To expand the product range, Viva has introduced colour coated aluminum coil.

So, What is Colour Coated Aluminum Coil?

The color-coated coils are aluminum coils that are colored with fluorocarbon coating or polyester color coating. These are colored with PVDF/FEVE paint which is acquired from reputed paint manufacturers. To name a few, PPG, Spectrum, and NIPPON.
The colors are stain-resistant and scratch resistance. To ensure the paint lasts long, 2-3 coatings is done and then baked at high temperature. The paint is cured to generate 25-30 micron thickness over the cold coils.

What Makes Viva's Colour Coated Aluminium Coil Better?

When it comes to what makes Viva's colour coated aluminum coils better than their competitors, then the answer is quality. At Viva accelerated weather meter test is conducted to check weather resistance, while salt and spray testing is conducted to check the warranty of the paint.
Apart from these advanced tests, Viva ensures the coils maintain their range of qualities. Some of them are:


Aluminum is not a combustible element. Its melting point is 600 degrees Celcius, so even in case of a fire accident, there is little chance that aluminum will burn to cause harm to the products.
The high resistance to heat makes it a suitable material for cooking appliances and electrical appliances.

Sustainable and Environment Friendly

These coils contain PVDF/FEDE coating, which contains active molecules to promote the formation of a protective layer on the surface. These colors do not emit any toxic gas or release VOC gas into the air. Making it easy to recycle and fulfill environmental standards.

Uniformity of Colour

The coils do not have any deformity or distortion of color, which is common in spray paint. These colors are long-lasting and durable. These coils are useful in the cladding industry for manufacturing aluminum composite panels or solid aluminum panels.
The aluminum coils are flexible and malleable. It is easy to cut, slit, drill, joint fix, and do edge compression. The coils can be bent and shaped in shape according to requirements.
Visually Eclectic
The coils are visually excellent in look. At Viva, we provide PE coating on the coils which gives either matt or glossy texture. Apart from that, there are hundreds of colors available in the coils
The feature that makes Viva, better than its competitors, is its customization feature. The color-coated coils can be customized in any color or shape. These have high gloss retention and weather resistance. Viva uses lead-free paints which have elongation properties and less chalking ensuring it gives a better texture to the coils.


Viva is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of colour coated aluminum coils in India. With its connection and transportation on fleet ensure on-time delivery and extensive export.
Viva gives 30 years of warranty on each aluminum coil cold roll. The demand for these coils is extensive in residential, and commercial complexes in form of aluminum composite panel cladding, while apart from that, it is common to use in roofs, ceilings, corners of cabinets, easy-to-open cans, and other electronic products.
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