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Why Do Traditional Businesses Need Aesthetic Signage?

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As a business owner, you must explore new opportunities to expand the business. Today, the ACP board is the most effective technique to increase sales and footfall in the retail business.
In the past couple of decades, more and more tech-savvy companies have switched to digitally enhanced signage from traditional signage. One of the materials which have supported the growth of digital signage is the ACP board.
In today's market, a retailer is dependent on various factors for a successful business. Apart from good products and a strong network with the customer end, appealing signage is the key factor in brand awareness.

So, what is the ACP board? Continue scrolling to read about it!

ACP board is an aluminum composite board that consists of a thin aluminum coil with a polyethylene core and has PVDF/FEDE coating. The ACP Board is a signage material that is light in weight, can be crafted for concave and convex designs, useful in 3-D signage, and digital signage.
Let's understand how signage helps in a unified brand image.
The signage is a board that is visible 24x7, it helps in gaining recall value among consumers. The external signage helps add the recall value, while the internal signage helps in notifying about the product or alley.
Brand Exposure
The excellent brand stands out from the crowd, even in its signage material. The brands help in raising awareness and increase the opportunity for customer acquisition through innovative signage. According to a report, 80% of signage helps in boosting the sale, the ACP board is the right material to act as a catalyst for branding and customer acquisition.
Boost Impulse Purchase
Impulse purchase means when an individual buys a product without any initial intention of visiting the store or buying anything. The creative and aesthetic signage board helps your business to attract consumer attention and impulse shoppers to the store.
A distinctive logo or name helps your business to gain a distinct identity of the company. If you are planning to open more than one shop of your business, the unified signage board will help the consumer to gain about the authenticity of the shop.
If your business is still in the pre-revenue phase, it is best to go for ACP board signage. The material has high quality and higher durability. Simply put, the ACP signage board is the right choice for the business at any stage.
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The Benefit Of ACP Board

The ACP boards bring a plethora of designs, textures, and colors from which a business can choose according to their needs. Moreover, Viva offers the benefit of complete customization of color and shade of the signboard, starting from the logo to the name of the brand you can select as per your choice.
2. Lightweight
ACP board is easy to install and durable as the board is light in weight. The boards are easily transported from one location to another and help in installation even in high-rise buildings.
3. Weatherproof
ACP board is continuous exposure to the sun, rain, and moisture from the air. The boards are resistant to UV rays, rain, and moisture. It is crack-proof and chip resistant which resists damage even in windy weather.


Viva is the leading ACP manufacturer and offers world-class quality that is crucial for constructing an attractive signage board. As the world is going digital, Viva helps in creating visually aesthetic digital signage.
Viva is also helping in building the authority of a brand through a range of designer ACP boards. Our ACP panel help creates 3-D LED signage/video walls.