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Why Should Architects Consider Aluminum Composite Panels for Facades?

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In the contemporary world, aesthetic buildings are becoming more popular than ever. In this, materials like ACP sheets or aluminium composite panels have seen enormous development in architectural usage. Spectacular architecture is a combination of materials that are flexible, long-lasting, and cost-efficient. From Zaha Hadid to Norman Foster, metal panels have been the choice of material to create curve designs with smooth finishes.
According to research and study conducted by the IOP conference series, and the development and mechanical properties of metal, to understand the behaviour of aluminium composite panels with different natural materials, it is found that aluminium can resist corrosion, scratch, and chipping. Aluminium composite, regardless of the materials with which it was tested, is one of the most highly demanding materials due to its multifaceted properties.

The current use of ACPs are in the:

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Enterprise company
  • Metro Station
  • Residential & Commercial Complexes
Based on the application, ACP sheets have three central cores. At Viva, we have A2 corrugated cores, FR mineral cores, and LDPE cores. The FR Class B has 70% Mineral & 30 % Polyethylene recycled Core These panels are not applicable in hotels, restaurants, or high-rise buildings. FR class A2 includes 90% Mineral & 10 % Polyethylene recycled Core.  making them fire-resistant and suitable for exterior facades.  FR class A2+ is known as ACCP (Aluminum core corrugated panel). made up of 100% aluminium and does not contain any polyethene core, which causes fire. It is made up of a honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminium coils.
Honeycomb aluminium panels are also popular for their fire-resistant properties. In addition to not containing polyethylene,
The structure of the panels is like any other Aluminium Panel Sheet (ACP sheet) from the outside, while the interior has a hexagonal shape where the panels are connected in the same way I-beam are connected.

What Makes ACP sheet The Popular Choice Among Architects?

ACP sheets are a popular choice for building facades to enhance their beauty and price. Here is the checklist of features that make it high in demand.

1.    Dust-Free

The ACP panels have PVDF/FEVE coating. We at Viva use, 70% KYNAR 500 certified PVDF which has anti-aging properties and FEVE provides the gloss. The coating makes the panels dust-free and scratch-free, hence maintaining the shine of the sheet.

2.    Durable

The ACP sheet has PVDF coating and carbon-fluoride coating. Both of the materials enhance their ability to resist damage. Apart from that, metal composites like honeycomb panels do not contain polyethylene it can resist environmental damage, such as corrosion or cracking.
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The aluminium composite panels are long-lasting if installed properly in places with dry climates they can last up to 50 years, while in a moist environment their durability can be anywhere from 30-40 years.

3. Sustainable Material

In the evolution of construction materials, today architecture all around the world is looking for a sustainable material that befriends the environment. Metal Composite Panels such as ACP sheets reduce the impact on heavy construction as these materials are 100% recyclable and help in thermal and acoustic protection. From the core to its outer coating, everything can be reused without compromising on its beauty and durability.

4. Alluring Aesthetic With Customization

To be creative with design, the material must be easy to customize. ACP sheets and other metal composite panel allows architects to be creative and imaginative as Viva offers 100% customization on the sheets. From texture to hues, anything can be changed as per the requirement in the ongoing construction project.


The real estate industry is on the uprise, and architects from all over the world are focusing on a few factors during the selection of materials for building, train or metro coaches, or manufacturing industries. We at Viva have a wide range in the design of  ACP sheets, ZCP panels, and honeycomb panels, that enable the architect to be creative and design technologically advanced structures with these materials