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The world has long been amazed by the unrivalled beauty of zinc as a cladding material, and architects and designers value its purity. Around the world, zinc is often used for interior and exterior construction, signs, and other purposes. It safeguards the unit's contents, keeps dangerous elements out, and enhances the building's overall performance and aesthetics.
Zinc is a metal that is both lightweight and durable. One of its advantages over other materials is its ability to blend with or highlight them while enhancing their brilliance. Also, the malleability of zinc is relatively high.
Different zinc-styled metal roofs and wall panels have a classic look and provide long-term security for future generations. When exposed to carbon dioxide-rich air, zinc acquires a natural patina, unlike hot-dipped galvanised steel panels. The natural zinc carbonate patina that develops on titanium-zinc alloy over time preserves the surface and gradually heals blemishes and imperfections by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Patina protects against rust, salt, and other environmental variables. There are a variety of forms, sizes, and finishes for zinc wall panels. They are flexible and can be bent or moulded to fit over curves and barriers.
With Pigmento Blue, Pigmento Red, Pigmento Green, Pigmento Brown, Azengar, Quartz Zinc, Pigmento Rougue, Black Collection of Zinc, Anthra-Zinc and Bilacquered Zinc (infused with Copper and Titanium) VIVA has introduced the most ZCP hues across India in association witn VMZinc .
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With its unrivalled ingenuity and cutting-edge technology, VIVA is engaged in the manufacturing and supply of superior quality zinc composite panels that give both old-world and contemporary architecture a fascinating appearance. These panels are obtained from VMZinc, one of the leading international producers and suppliers of architectural zinc cladding. VMZINC is the international brand name of rolled zinc products manufactured and sold by VM Building Solutions, which is specialized in materials technology. The products are quite exclusively produced in France, except some accessories which are produced in Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland. VIVA has associated with VM Zinc to supply the highest quality Zinc Composite Panel to the customers.

The highlights of Zinc Composite Panels

  • Unmatched flatness and exceptional strength.
  • Imparts beauty and aesthetic appeal.
  • Ideal for refurbishing interior and exterior cladding.
  • Provides endurance of more than a decade, subject to environmental factors and proper installation
  • It’s eco-friendly and recyclable
  • It is non-corrosive and non-rusting
  • Zinc is a fungistat that prevents the growth of mould, mildew, and fungus.
  • Can be easily fabricated to suit any design
  • Can be customized to fire-retardant
Areas of Application
Numerous architectural applications call for the use of zinc composite panels as cladding materials. For example, it can be deployed in airports, auditoriums, museums, business and corporate buildings, contemporary structures, and new housing developments.
  • Zinc composite panels from VIVA are primarily used in façades, cladding, roofing, interiors, rainwater collection, and drainage systems.
  • VIVA's Zinc Cladding Panels can be made using the same equipment as VIVA ACPs.
  • VIVA's Zinc Composite Panels can also be mounted with fasteners and extrusions made of aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel.
The popularity of ZCP is growing due to its extraordinary performance. With our extensive selection of aesthetically pleasing finishes, Viva manufactures the greatest ZCPs in India and is aware of the material's enormous potential. Our ZCPs' high recycling rate, low maintenance rate, and guaranteed durability benefit both the architect and the builder.
Wrap your dream space with the ever-safe Zinc Composite Panels and make it a style statement. To know more, log-on to or drop us an email at