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5 Fall-Winter Interior Design Trends to Look Out For In 2022

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As the temperatures drop and the joyful winter festivities begin, we at Viva are excited to share some ACP or Aluminium Composite Panel  series for Fall-Winter design trends that will spruce up your interior living space. From analyzing thousands of design trends to mood boarding hundreds of editorial pictures, we are all set to help you be on top of the game when it comes to predicting the top 5 Fall-Winter Design Trends to look out for in 2022.

Top 5 Fall-Winter ACP Design Trends

Green is In:

The first design trend for the Fall-Winter season this year has zeroed down to shades of green, especially the deeper and darker ones, and we completely agree! Shades inspired by the deep and mysterious jungles are all the rage this season. Think about Jade, Emerald, Green Quartz, Myrtle Green, and of course, the ever-humble Olive Green to revamp your living space. This design trend has its roots in Mother Nature's glory, borrowing the lush and soothing palette and mixing it with the grunginess of urban design. Upgrade your home furnishings to the Aluminium Composite Panel shades of green, or simply add house plants here and there to get a taste of this trending colour. You May Like: Why Are People Using ACP Sheets For Interior Design?

Marvelous Marble:

What is a great way to compliment your home decor without going overboard with energy and resources? Yep, it is marble - nature's own tie-n-dye project! Patterns of marble are big this winter, and rightfully so. Not only does it help to add that coveted bit of sophistication, but it also elevates your living space with the right amount of asymmetry. Check out our Premium Marble Series that can help you reimagine Aluminum Composite Panels.

Woo with Wood:

Another great way to bring in the cozy winters is incorporating elements of woods into your interior and exterior living spaces. The varieties of wood-inspired shades - both light and dark will be the perfect touch to relive the memories of treehouses, wood cabins, and fun winter games in the woods. Check out our Premium Wooden Series of Aluminum Composite Panels for the best design inspiration and ideas. You May Like: Use Front Elevation ACP Sheet Design For A Sustainable House Plan

Natural Earthy Shades:

What is a winter decor trend that does not experiment with shades and tones of earthy shades? It is a must that you play with rustic shades, focusing on experimental browns, yellows, crimson, and reds. For the right bit of visual motivation, may we present the Viva Corten Steel Series of Aluminum Composite Panels sheets that bring together natural, earthy shades in the best way possible!

Cozy Fabrics that Play with Textures:

Layer upon your upholstery this winter. Experiment with rugs, throw pillows, and carpets that showcase a riot of colours. Textures like herringbone, wool, fur, and silk will not only instill the right amount of comfort but also help you realize your ideal winter wonderland home decor. Cozy fabrics are also a great way to compliment an already existing winter home decor. Out of design ideas to renovate your living spaces? Call us on our toll-free phone number 1800 313 3770 and get a free consultation today!