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If you are wondering how to protect your exterior from rain and humidity then the rain screen façade system is the solution that you must consider. The rain screen façade is a cladding material that provides a protective layer for better moisture management. Rain screen system is the building solution that fits perfectly with contemporary building design and sustainable architectural trends. It not only has functional properties but also plays a key role in elevating the outlook of a building. If you are unfamiliar with these façade systems, then, read along to understand what is rain screen system is and how it impacts contemporary buildings' design.

What is Rain Screen Façade System?

A rain screen façade is an exterior infrastructure that is installed on the wall of the building or on the cladding to allow better moisture management. The rain screen façade system is manufactured from ACP sheets, this makes them durable, lightweight, and easy to install. Apart from the benefits that these panels carry as it manufactured from ACP sheet, it has numerous other advantages making them the right ACP cladding or façade material for modern age homes.

Advantages of Rain Screen Façade System

Increases Energy Efficiency

Do you know the installation of rain screen cladding can reduce the electricity bill by 30-40%? That's right, due to temperature differences in the inside and outside of the air cavity, the chimney effect takes place inside the air cavity of the rain screen system. So, this helps in the warm airlift during summer which helps in renewing the air inside with cooler air, making your homes cooler inside the building. The same process takes place during winter ensuring a warmer temperature inside the building. Viva’s rain screen façade mainly works on male-female rain screen system, this is known as MFR. This creates the thermal covering to the wall and helps in reducing electricity bills at your home. Rain Screen Systems - Viva ACPs At Its Best

Aesthetic Appeal

The rain screen system has an eye-catching appearance. It is made with an ACP sheet, this is why it can be customized according to consumers' needs. Viva has more than 300 ACP sheet designs, textures, and tones, these can be incorporated in the rain screen façade system for enhancing the visual appearance of a building.

Ease of Installation

The rain screen façade installation is as easy as ACP sheet installation. The panels are lightweight and fixed on a wall or above any cladding design with screws and rivets. The sheets can be easily cut into any size for installation. With the help of router, you can route the sheet for bending and fixing it with an omega profile or male and female rain screen system. The sheets can be installed with little to no disturbance to occupants in the building. You May Like: Rain Screen Systems – Viva ACPs At Its Best


The continuous air circulation between inside and outside air ensures their exterior cladding material remains dry. As the material does not fall prey to mold or bacteria infestation due to waterlogging between the sheets, it enhances the longevity of the cladding material.

Sound Proof

The rain screen claddings add an extra layer of façade in your building that makes the interior of the building sound-proof. Needless to say, this feature helps in keeping the occupant in the building safe and secure from noise pollution.


The rain screen façade system adds value to a building. Thanks to its range of advantages such as lightweight, durable, energy-efficient, low maintenance, it has become a sustainable choice in cladding material. Viva's rain screen façade meets the requirement of off-site construction which makes it relatively easier to fit on site. Installation of these ergonomic sheets in your building will give acoustic look, decrease electricity bills and secure your building during rain and humidity.