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Aluminium Panel Sheet Corten Steel ACP

Balancing Functionality and Style with Corten Steel ACP in Commercial Architecture

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Commercial buildings need charm and appeal to attract business. And that’s why builders and commercial building owners pay extra attention to their external appearances. Whether it’s an office building or a shopping complex, cladding materials are widely used to transform the exteriors into dynamic designs.
While cladding is not a new concept, the materials have evolved over the years. With new-age cladding materials that are versatile, economical, and durable, commercial architecture has transformed rapidly in terms of aesthetics. Aluminium composite panels or ACPs have become one of the preferred choices for commercial cladding for their dynamic appearances.
Corten Steel ACP, a particular range by Viva ACP, perfectly suits the requirements of commercial cladding. Striking appearance with rich shades, and excellent impact and weather-resistant qualities, this ACP range makes any building stand out. In this blog, let’s discuss the attributes of the Corten Steel aluminium panel in detail.

What so Striking About the Corten Steel ACP Range?

Visual Brilliance

With commercial buildings surpassing the limits of architecture, there’s always the scope for something new, something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind. And that’s exactly what Corten Steel helps with! This brilliantly curated ACP sheet range has a sense of antiquity as well as a modern touch.
Irrespective of its area of application, the Corten Steel ACP enhances the space with their rich colours and unique textures. From front elevation to accent walls, ceilings to pillar covers, this ACP panel range is bound to draw eyeballs.

Durability and Resilience

Corten Steel, also known as weathering steel, are designed to be weathered to sustain without a coat of paint, which makes them exceptionally durable. And in terms of commercial architecture, ‘durability’ is key. Inspired by Corten Steel, Viva has introduced the Corten Steel ACP Series that mimics the appearance of the material on ACP. And that’s what makes Corten Steel ACP a well-suited choice for commercial architecture. 
These sheets are manufactured to have the innate elements of aluminium panel sheets while retaining the outward appearance of Corten Steel. Sealed with coatings, Corten Steel aluminium composite panels offer the same protection and durability, and come with a warranty of 10-30 years.

Versatility in Design

Unlike solid or patterned ACP sheet designs, Corten Steel ACP does not have the same regular appearance. In fact, almost every sheet is different from the others. This gives designers and architects plenty of creative flair and opportunities to deck up exteriors and interiors. Whether it’s achieving an out-of-the-ordinary shape or just a regular cladding to stick out to consumers—-it’s possible with ACPs with Corten Steel. And Viva offers these panels indifferent shades which makes them accessible for all types of project requirements. 

Strength and Sturdiness

Architecture in commercial spaces is different from residential ones. The focus is on designing a structurally stable design which is functional yet visually striking, and above all, appeals to the eyes of potential customers (or tenants for malls or shopping complexes). This type of architecture requires materials that can withstand extended hours of usage and ensure durability through the build design and material tolerance. 
Corten steel ACP seamlessly meets these requirements, offering exceptional strength and resilience. The panels’ ability to endure impact, resist fire and heat, and remain stable under extreme conditions— makes them an ideal choice for commercial spaces.

Low-Maintenance Attribute

While it has a very unique appearance, Corten Steel aluminium composite panels do not need much maintenance and upkeep. This is why Corten Steel ACP panels come up in commercial and industrial architectural uses. Corten Steel aluminium panel sheets are designed by bonding aluminium sheets to a core, which are then sealed by colour coatings and protective coatings. These panels are designed to withstand external impacts such as scratches, corrosion, and weather.
Does that make the panels self-sufficient in terms of taking care of themselves? Yes. These panels are able to resist scratches (periodic maintenance may be required to keep installations functional and aesthetically intact). Thanks to this attribute, Corten Steel facades end up saving you plenty of maintenance fees.

Mergebility with Other Materials

While Corten Steel ACP panels can be used standalone, they can be flawlessly teamed up or paired with other architectural materials like glass, concrete, or wood. This will help create a visually engaging interplay of textures and colours.
Corten Steel ACP brings a unique and captivating charm to commercial architecture with its reddish and greenish hues. Its distinct rusty appearance adds warmth and character to architecture, both interiors and exteriors. The warm tones and textured surface seamlessly integrate the structure with its surroundings, making it an excellent choice for commercial spaces, giving them a rich and premium appeal.

Fire Safety Assurance

While the strength-to-weight ratio of Corten Steel panels enables the construction of large-scale buildings without compromising on safety, there’s more to it. These panels are available in fire-retardant cores Class B, FR A2, and FR A2+) which offer the ultimate safety from accidental fire spreads. 
Viva’s Corten Steel ACP panels not only delay the spread of fire for up to two hours but they are also designed to produce no toxic gas or molten droplets. This is a major advantage for any construction where the safety of life and property is a priority.

Achieve excellent industrial facades with Viva Corten Steel ACP

Striking the right balance between functionality and style in architecture, Corten Steel aluminium composite panels demonstrate the perfect characteristics of cladding materials for all buildings, especially commercial ones. With exceptional longevity, versatility in design, strength, low-maintenance appeal, and captivating aesthetics combined, the Corten Steel aluminium panel sheet range fulfills the demands of commercial architecture. 
Corten Steel ACP by Viva is a part of the Metal Abstract series, which is inspired by a  harmonious fusion of the old and the new. As architecture continues to evolve, Corten Steel will likely remain a prominent choice for those seeking functionality and style in their designs. No wonder why Corten Steel panels have emerged as a popular choice in recent years due to their unique blend of durability, versatility, and rustic charm.
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