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    Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP Panels)

    Aluminium Composite Panel: The Modern “Skin Of Architecture”

    Aluminium Composite Panel, popularly known as “ACP sheet” has revolutionized architecture all over the world. The sleek, slender soaring residential tower, skyscraper, and prominent architecture over the world have a magnificent and wonderful facade that makes it memorable among on-lookers.

    An aluminium panel sheet is a three-layered composite panel, consisting of aluminium sheets combined with a mineral-filled core, that stands for sustainable construction and creative facade. The aluminium panel sheet stands out for its distinct qualities such as incredible flatness, a wide range of surfaces, textures, hues, excellent flexibility, and formability.

    What is an Aluminium Composite Panel?

    An aluminium composite panel is a thin sheet of aluminium panel which is produced by bonding a thin aluminium sheet with an extruded LDPE core, mineral-filled core, or FR-grade thermoplastic core with PVDF/FEVE coating for attractive aesthetic surfaces. The aluminium is pre-treated with tough and stable Kynar 500 PVDF resin, which keeps the aluminium composite panel new for decades. The overall thickness of the panel is currently from 3-6mm (0.12-0.24in.) along with aluminium facing in the range of 0.2-0.8mm.

    Common layers in an Aluminium Panel Sheet - VIVA ACP

    Viva’s Aluminium panel sheet is manufactured from materials sourced from certified and trusted raw material manufacturers and suppliers in India. The aluminium alloy 3003/3105/5000 series contains some amount of magnesium, enhancing its tensile strength and workability with the panel. To make the panel suitable for different applications, ACPs are developed with a range of paints and coatings.

    Coating of VIVA’S ACP Panels

    • PE/FR constructional or architectural panel sheet consists of PVDF resin coating (XT/highly durable polyester paint)
    • Panel sheet consist of Nano PVDF coating
    • Digital printing/Signage consists of FEVE resin or polyester coating

    The Inside Story Of Panel Sheet

    In between the top and bottom layers of the Aluminium Panel, there are a lot of layers that make the panel perfect for numerous applications.

    • Protective laminated film
    • PVDF primer coating and top coating
    • Aluminium coil
    • Adhesive film
    • Polyethylene core
    • Adhesive film
    • Aluminium coil
    • Service coating or mill finish

    Why Choose Aluminium Panel Sheet?

    Today, modern designs are not rigid like in earlier days, it has become fluid and contemporary. No material is as flexible and lightweight as aluminium panel sheet, and it has the ability to give birth to a range of designs that are extensively used for interior, and exterior application.

    A Brief Comparison of ACP Sheet Features With Plywood and Tiles

    Features Applicable to Aluminum Composite Panel? Applicable to Timber?

    Applicable to Tiles?





    Easy To Install








    Microbe and Termite Resistant




    UV resistant




    Variation In ACP Sheets Sizes

    With the extensive possibilities at affordable cost, the ACP sheets are ideal for infinite applications. As it is useful for unusual projects, the panels are chosen from distinct thickness for different projects. At VIVA, three type of thickness is available, 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. Out of which, 3mm is exclusively for interiors, while 4mm, and 6mm are appropriate choices for exterior and interiors.

    3mm ACP sheet

    A 3mm ACP sheet is useful for interior applications such as cladding, partitions, or modular kitchens. . It is useful as building curtain walls, ceilings, decorations, roofing, and as signage.

    4mm ACP sheet

    It comes in two grades, one has 0.25mm aluminium alloy skin, whereas another has 0.50mm aluminium alloy skin thickness. 0.25 is useful for interior application, while 0.50mm thickness allows you to beautify the exterior, which is useful in the facade, and signages.

    6mm ACP Sheet

    This is only applicable for exterior applications, as it gives robust strength and structural support to the building.

    Usage Of Aluminium Composite Panel

    Aluminium panel sheet is synonymous with innovation, as the panels are useful in a range of applications in interiors and exteriors.

    ACP Sheet as Interior Cladding

    ACP sheets are widely used in commercial buildings, as well as residential structures. Here at Viva, our customers can choose from a wide range of shades to suit the interior, including Rustic, Desert, Corten Steel, Wooden ACP sheets, and much more. All these shades can transform your interior wall, modular or semi-modular kitchen, or false ceiling into a gorgeous piece of art.

    Interior Applications of composite aluminium sheet

    ACP Sheet as Exterior Facade

    The exterior application of the ACP sheet includes front elevation, better known as a facade. In this, an MS pipe frame is added and above that, the panels are installed, to add thermal and sound protection to the building, and elevate its aesthetic of the building. With Viva’s 300+ shades, the scope for elevating design is infinite.

    ACP Sheet as Exterior Facade

    ACP Board for Corporate Signage

    Aluminium Composite Panels or ACP panels are the most preferred material for making corporate signage boards for showrooms, offices, or corporate identity projects. They are flexible with a much better finish than other materials such as vinyl, flex, acrylics, etc.

    Corporate ACP Signage Boards

    Benefits of ACP Sheets

    • Durable
    • Unmatched Aesthetics
    • Lightweight
    • Fire-retardant
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Easy to clean
    • Environment-friendly
    • Easy to fabricate and install
    • Highly flexible

    Explore All the Wonders of ACP Sheets Under One Roof

    Would you like your home or office to have a dynamic look? We welcome you to the vibrant world of Viva, where we offer creative solutions to adorn the interior and exterior of any building.

    However, the high ACP sheet price often causes people to compromise the quality of ACP cladding.
    Now no more! Apart from being uniquely elegant and classy, Viva’s Aluminium Panel Sheets or ACP sheets are affordable and available in a million colors, designs, and attractive surfaces available to choose from.


    How long does an ACP sheet last?

    ACP sheets are designed to be highly durable owing to their structure. With a strong core material bounded by two sheets of aluminium skin, aluminium panel sheets are strong yet resistant to impact and weather changes. Viva’s ACP sheets come with a warranty of 10-20 years with proper maintenance.

    Is ACP good for roofing?

    The strong and durable build of the aluminium composite panels makes them suitable for several applications like exterior cladding, front-elevation, as well as interior designs. Viva’s sturdy ACP panels are impact and weather-resistant which makes them great for roofing applications.

    Are ACP sheets waterproof?

    ACP sheets typically have coatings of different types and layers. Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF is a resin-based coating that gives aluminium panel sheets water-resistant properties.

    Are Aluminium Composite Panels safe?

    Yes, aluminium composite panels are strong, durable and fire-resistant. Viva’s ACPs meet building codes and safety standards.

    How do you clean aluminium composite panels?

    Aluminium composite panels can be cleaned using simply by water and clean cloth. Also, a mild detergent and water solution can be sprayed and rinsed with clean water. Make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the surface finish.

    Can aluminium composite panels be recycled?

    Yes, ACP panels are recyclable and can be reused in other applications. Viva’s aluminium composite panels are 100% recyclable which makes them a sustainable building material.

    What is the cost of aluminium composite panels?

    The cost of aluminium composite panels varies depending on several factors such as the size, thickness, and quality of the panels.