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Branding Corporates: Flexible Viva ACP Sheet Pushing Design Boundaries

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In the ever-evolving world of corporate branding, where every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of perception, the pursuit of design innovation is endless. Today, just a logo and letterhead is not enough for brand representation in retail branding, one needs to venture into broadening the horizons of branding to craft a cohesive experience that lingers in the minds of your clients. For this, you need a versatile material that play helps in transforming the corporate interior as well as the exterior. Welcome to Aluminium Composite Panel—the new age branding construction material known for versatility, flexibility, lightweight, and ability to resist weather and environmental damages.

Shaping Corporate Identity with Viva ACP Sheets
Corporate identity is not confined to drawing board or mood charts on the architect’s or designer’s table. It is about bringing the designs into reality, quite literally, in the spaces around you, into the wall, the signages. ACP sheet with its sleek modernity has become the canvas to reflect the essence of the brand through design.

Viva’s ACP sheets don’t merely hang up into the wall, or ceilings, rather they reflect the brand in every inch and help in elevating corporate brands. ACP sheets which are morphed into brand texture, brand colours, and designs exude a visual identity that matches the corporate brand.

Flexibility In The Core
Viva ACP sheet embodies flexibility, the panels can be shaped or designed in any form as the architect pleases to do. How did we achieve this? By incorporating the LDPE core.

In our research and development, we understood LDPE core is more flexible than the HDPE core. HDPE core is breakable, while LDPE can be shaped, folded, and bent without any damage, allowing architects to have more freedom in design possibilities and have the opportunity to put the idea on paper into execution quite easily.

The flexible ACP sheets have transcended the mundane constraints of traditional design mediums, becoming veritable catalysts of transformation.

From Concept to Concrete: The Kalyan Jewellers Project

Kalyan Jewellers(Chennai) by Viva ACP

In our transformative work with brands like Kalyan Jewellers, we’ve exemplified the power of ACP in realizing brand ethos within physical spaces. Leveraging the material’s ability to emulate any texture, colour, or design, we brought Kalyan’s vision to fruition, infusing every corner of their Chennai location with vibrancy and distinction. The flexibility in customisation has allowed us to bring out the perfect match shades and texture of Kalyan Jeweller in the products VA-362 and VA-296.

We have integrated illuminated signs, 3D structures and branded exterior signage in the transformation from blueprint to reality for Kalyan Jewellers in Chennai.

Project Details:

Project Location: Chennai
Project: Kalyan Jewellers
Details: All Shades (4mm 0.50) LDPE
Total area: 2000 Sq. Mt

Viva ACP’s Durability
Regarding the selection of building materials, durability is paramount. ACP Panels are not only visually appealing but also highly resilient. They stand as armour to protect the walls against wear of daily life, ensuring that corporate interiors maintain their allure over time.

Viva ACP is manufactured with the highest quality materials sourced from renowned partners around the world, ensuring businesses can be assured that their investment will withstand the test of time.

Consistency and Cohesion
Harmonizing elements with corporate spaces is essential for reinforcing brand identity. From the brand tones in the logo to the tones on the walls, from reception to the conference room backdrop; ACP sheets weave a consistency in corporate branding.

To bring consistency and cohesiveness in branding, we go further and beyond, our in-house spectrophotometer and in-house 3-colour coating ACP line help us to ensure that in every corner of branding, the essence of the brand reflects.

No two brands are alike, and Viva ACP understands the importance of customization. The panels can be 100% customized to reflect the unique identity of the brand. Minimalist interior or flamboyant exterior—customization embraces the brand spirit. Your logo, typography, colors, and everything that matches the expectation of branding can be customized.

In the fast-paced world of business, quality matters, and at Viva, our certification and awards testify to that! Certified by a renowned institute, Thomas Bell Wright International Consultants in accordance with UKAS accreditation to EN13501-1, NFPA 285 Fire Safety Accreditation for fire retardant panels.

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Bringing Aesthetic and Functionality In Corporate Branding
As businesses continue to prioritizes design aesthetics and functionality in construction, Viva ACP emerges as the leading choice for branding corporate spaces. With its combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance, Viva ACP panels are revolutionizing the way businesses approach corporate design. Whether it’s creating immersive brand experiences or fostering a sense of cohesion within a space, Viva ACP is truly redefining the art of branding corporate interiors.

Explore our projects and products to know how Viva is transforming construction of today!