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Bring Character To Mundane Spaces With Viva's 3D ACP Sheet Line

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When it comes to ACP cladding, the newest innovation which will change the face of the façade is 3D ACP Sheets. Viva's 3D ACP sheet is a compilation of creativity for futuristic designs that brings aesthetic to mundane exteriors of a high-rise building.
Our 3D ACP line is a melody of trailblazing geometry and suave organic and abstract shapes. We believe a 3D ACP sheet gives character to a building, it transforms it from a basic structure to a venue, installation of an ACP sheet can change the outlook of monotonous exteriors. Today we will describe why the 3D ACP sheet of Viva is the future of cladding and facades.

Benefits of 3D ACP Sheets

Visually Attractive

There is nothing more pleasing than looking at visually appealing designs. 3D ACP sheets create an illusion of 3D structure in the buildings that helps in creating an architectural masterpiece. The designs are added fluidity and extra oomph factors in the exterior and interior of a building. This gives the building to voice creativity and art in the designs.
The common 3D ACP sheets are geometric, abstract, and organic. At Viva, we focus on geometric designs. The best-in-class Colour Coating Line aids us to bring the modified color range in 3D aluminum composite panels and even allows the customer to have customization in the sheets.

Light In Weight

The 3D ACP sheets are light in weight which helps in easier installation. To create unique and personified designs and make an impression with design, the material has to be easier to install. This is where Viva's ACP sheet line comes in, the versatility and easy-to-install advantage is a match that you can't get enough of!

Maintenance Free

Be it Naga Towers of Mumbai, Infosys Pune, or Cybertech Egg Building in Mumbai, these structures are marvelous in looks, but not the easiest to maintain. To keep the shine intact without maintenance requires the right material. Viva's Diamond-shaped 3D ACP sheets lend ethereal shine without the need for maintenance.

Great Strength

The 3D ACP sheet of Viva has unbreakable durability and let us tell you why. The ACP sheets constitute of LDPE core compressed between cold-rolled aluminum coils and comprises PVDF/FEVE coating. The sheets are immune to attack from rusting, borer, bacteria, and cracks. It enhances the sheet's endurance and makes it a better choice for cladding in high-rise buildings.


Do you know incorporating an ACP sheet can score you high LEED points? Yes, that's right ACP sheets are completely recyclable and help in reducing the carbon footprint of individuals. Our non-toxic, lead-free sheets ensure no pollutants go back to the eco-system.


The ACP sheet can be incorporated in roof covering, exterior wall cladding, and sunshades. The designs also add glory and aesthetic to interiors and make the interior more alluring.
Check out our website to know more about the world of aluminium composite panel or ACP sheets. Give us a call on toll-free number 18003133770 and book an appointment to bring an artistic touch to your mundane spaces.