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Bringing Color To Life: Discovering Viva ACP's In-House Coating Line

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In modern construction where innovation meets design to birth architectural marvels, the Aluminium Composite Panel is at the crux of this innovation. Aluminium composite panel, also known as ACPs, are versatile construction materials, composed of various layers that not only add structural integrity but allows brands, architects and designers to get a blank canvas for customisation. In ACP sheets, colour plays a crucial role in defining the architectural design, and this is where we excel. The coating is where the journey of colour begins for ACP sheets. It's the process that transforms plain aluminium sheets into vibrant, visually captivating panels that adorn buildings and spaces worldwide. Viva ACP's In-House Colour Coating Line is a testament to their commitment to innovation, precision, and quality. Whether it is metallic sheen, soft, matte, or glossy texture, with our 3 ACP colour coating line, we can bring your vision into reality. In this blog, we will understand how colour coating is the lifeline of ACP, and how Viva is pioneering in innovation with 3 ACP colour coating line.

Advanced Technology Of ACP Colour Coating At Viva

We at VIVA have 3 most advanced Colour Coating Lines, and with our extensive process, we ensure the manufacturing of colour coating lines. Our colour coating lines includes the process such as ;


The cleaning or washing of aluminium coil before applying paint is the Pre-Treatment, also known as Surface preparation. To understand this better, you can relate it to preparing the surface so there is no dirt/debris left on the surface. This process includes the De-greasing of aluminium coil in a multi-stage chemical cleaning that is followed by an anti-oxidant coating. This entire process is also known as conversion coating.

Coating Of The Aluminium Coils

After it is ensured the surface is contamination-free, the aluminium surface of the coil is forwarded to the Colour Coating Booth, where the desired paint is applied over the aluminium in liquid form.  

Drying Of Paint

After the sheets are well coated with the paint, the sheets will then pass through a series of Hot Air circulation, where the liquid paint gets dried. After drying the paint, the coil is thoroughly inspected by Trained Quality Engineers.

Quality Testing

After coating of Aluminium coil a series of about 36 Quality Tests are performed to ensure the shade, physical, chemical and mechanical properties. The tests include The Dry Film Thickness (DFT) test, Sheen level (Gloss) test, colour difference by Spectrophotometer, pencil hardness, scratch resistance, Abrasion resistance, chemical Resistance test of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Hydrochloric acid, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, detergent and mortar & many more. Apart from these tests, there are some long-term tests such as the Product Life Cycle test that proof checks the warranty by conducting tests such as Accelerated Weathering Test (UV Test), and Salt Spray Test (SST or Corrosion Resistant Test). The tests are performed in accordance with International standards like ASTM, AAMA, ECCA, BIS, etc.

Significance Of Colour Coating

Colour coating on aluminium sheets helps prevent the sheets from undergoing damage due to weather, or microbial infestation. As ACP is used in a range of industries for exterior, interior and signage purposes, the ability to resist damage is the key to the durability and sustainability of the panels. Let’s understand why Colour Coating is an essential part of ACP sheet manufacturing, and how the 3-colour coating line of Viva elevates the infrastructural aesthetics in real estate and pushes the effort of branding for businesses.

Corrosion Resistant

Colour coating provides a protective layer that prevents the aluminium sheets from coming into direct contact with moisture, thus reducing the risk of corrosion. It enhances the panel's lifespan, especially in humid or coastal areas.

UV Protection

ACP sheets are widely used for front elevation and signage purposes, hence these panels are in contact with UV rays, to prevent the panels from fading due to exposure to UV light, the panels are colour-coated, and then a protective film is added. The colour coating acts as a barrier against harmful UV radiation, hence maintaining the original appearance of the ACP sheet for an extended period.

Weather Resistance

Colour coating ensures the panels are able to resist the change of temperature, and its impact on the panel. As mentioned above, we test each panel with the Product Life Cycle Test, which shows the stability of the aluminium coil. It shows impeccable resistance to frosting, acid rain, and temperature variations. It prevents the panel from warping, fading, or deteriorating over time.

Infinite Customisation

Colour coating gives the ability to customise ACP sheets and gives businesses, architects, and realtors the opportunity to customise shades that are unique to their brand. With the help of a colour spectrophotometer, we can give any colour in the world that exists. From corporate signage to front elevation, you get limitless design possibilities with ACP sheets.

Durability and Longevity

Colour coating enhances the durability of the sheets and the lifespan of the panels. Colour coating is the protective film of the ACP sheet that adds an extra layer of protection against scratches, fading, and damage, from external elements.

Viva-Pioneering In Innovation and Technology

We pride ourselves on 3 in-house ACP colour coating lines that let us be experimental in design in shades. Our colour coating line is equipped to meet your vision with ease. With the in-house paint Mixing station, 3 Colour coating lines, 3 bake, 3coat advanced technology and rigorous quality checking, we at VIVA are very sure about the quality of our products. Hence delivering what we commit.