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elZinc Mirage Fluted Series

Discover Innovation: Viva ACP's Trendsetting Debuts in 2023!

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Materials are literal building blocks of architecture, it defines the stability, permanence, and scale of design. Over the years, architecture has seen tremendous change in the materials utilised for facading. From stone and wood to metal composite panels, the transition is led by research and technological development. Today, Metal Composite Panel that comes in various skins such as Aluminium Composite Panels, Zinc Composite Panels, or Copper Composite Panels, all bring a range of aesthetics and functionality that allows architects to have endless possibilities in design opportunities.

Viva being the trendsetter in the metal composite industry is pushing the boundaries by bringing innovation in the ACP sheet design series and adding new products to our range of metal composite panels. Viva’s ACP Sheet Design Series is a celebration of colour and texture, transcending the conventional boundaries of architectural design. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the latest addition this year to Viva’s mammoth product range.

Mirage Fluted Series
Mirage Flutted Series is inspired by the archaic design trend commonly used in Greek architecture. The elevated ridges and grooves create an illusion of light and shadow that prepares the onlookers to be captivated by the interplay of textures. The dynamic grooves and ridges of the series interact with light in such a way that they produce ever-changing patterns and shadows. This not only adds a sense of movement and dynamism to spaces but also introduces an element of surprise as the visual landscape transforms throughout the day.

What Makes Mirage Fluted Series The Choice of Modern Architectural Design?
  • Add Texture With Elevated Grooves and Ridges
The Mirage Fluted Series is designed to add layers and texture to the design. The elevated surface adds a tactile dimension to the surfaces, inviting touch and exploration. From subtle, refined flutes to bold, pronounced ridges, each texture in the series is a statement in itself. Architects and designers can leverage these elevated textures to infuse personality into their creations, creating spaces that not only look stunning but also feel immersive and engaging.

  • Multitude of Shades
This ACP design series comes in a versatility of shades that can elevate the appearance of any space. Shades such as VA 6501 Quill White, VA 6502 Ash Silver, VA 6503 Carbon Grey, VA 6504 Sorrell Brown, VA 6505 Copper, and VA 6506 Gold are enough to lift the exterior and interiors, and even be utilised in branded signages.

  • Resistance to Fire
Be it any commercial or residential property, fire is a safety hazard and taking concern regarding same is what we all need to protect the construction from turning into a pile of ash during fire breakout. Mirage Fluted Series Aluminium Composite Panel sheet has been engineered with an A2+ Corrugated Core and Fire-Resistant core to make the panels safe to be installed in the high-rise construction of today.

Phases is one of our newest launches and is a new-age metal composite panel. The outer layer of copper with an inner layer of aluminium and composite core makes the copper aluminium sheet a timeless product, that never ages. The copper in the top layer changes over time and turns from golden brown to orange and finally green due to the oxidation of copper.

What makes Phases unique??
  • Lifetime Warranty
Phase is a composite panel which has Copper on the exterior and as copper hardly degrades over time, it has a lifetime warranty. The properties of Copper and Aluminium in Copper Aluminium Sheet add strength, flexibility and weather resistance and prevent bacterial growth or corrosion occurrence on the panels, hence increasing the panel’s lifespan.

  • Aesthetic Appeal
The phases of copper ageing add aesthetic appeal to these panels. The red-orange pliable nature of Copper undergoes oxidation leading to metamorphosis of the colour and texture of the panel. It takes about 25-30 years to naturally change the panel into hues of green.

  • Unique Patina Evolution
Patina is a process which occurs when the sheets of copper undergo oxidation due to the presence of humidity in the air.   In this the colour of the sheet changes, adding timeless beauty during the ageing process of Copper.

  • FR A1
The copper aluminium sheet has the highest grade of fire safety. As Copper has a higher melting point and so does aluminium, fire is not able to penetrate through the skin, allowing Phases to have the highest fire safety grade.

  • elZinc
Viva proudly announces its partnership with elZinc an icon in the world of Zinc craftmanship. This collaboration marries Viva’s trailblazing spirit in the Aluminium Composite Panel industry with elZinc timeless mastery of Zinc. Together, we embark journey to reshape the architectural landscape, offering exciting new possibilities.

What makes elZinc the Choice of Modern Construction?
  • Leading Zinc Producer of The World
The collaboration is the pinnacle of success for Viva’s Metal Composite range, as elZinc is one of the top 3 manufacturers of Zinc worldwide. elZinc offers maximum flatness in the Zinc sheets allowing for manufacturing of flat Zinc Composite Panels.

  • Incredible Production Capacity
elZinc has over 70000 tons production capacity. The incredible production capacity allows us to scale up the production of Zinc without any delay in the delivery of raw materials. Along with that, elZinc has high-quality products which are Como Certified and  RUV4 Certified.

Shades of Elzinc Alkimi & Rainbow:
Shades of Rainbow
  • VZ-9908 ELZinc Brown
  • VZ-9903 ELZinc Black
  • VZ-9907-ELZinc gold
  • VZ-9909-ELZinc Green
  • VZ-9904-ELZinc Blue
  • VZ-9902-Elzinc Red
Shades of Alkimi
  • VA-9911-elZinc-Crystal
  • VA-9912- Oliva
  • VA-9913-elZinc-Lava
  • VZ-9910 elzinc_natural
  • VZ-9901-elzinc_graphite
  • VA 9900- elzinc_slate

Viva’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design with its latest ACP sheet series is a testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation. The fusion of artistic expression, sustainability, and technological advancements makes these ACP sheets a valuable asset for architects and designers looking to create exceptional spaces. As we continue to witness the evolution of ACP sheets as a design medium, Viva stands out as a leader in the industry, inspiring a new era of creativity in architecture and interior design.