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How To Choose ACP Sheet For Commercial Projects?

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The architectural industry is fast-paced, with trends changing drastically to designs getting fluid and abstract. A lot of commercial buildings have been established as a piece of art, and homes are exuding luxury with exterior and interior cladding. To keep up with the changing design trends, architects and designers have welcomed aluminium panel sheets as their muse.
The building material is a key factor when deciding on a commercial project. Compromising on quality will unnecessarily result in investing more money in fixes that may crop up later. It is important to consider larger aspects of service when selecting ACP sheets for commercial projects, such as quality, delivery time, design, and product grade. Read on to learn how a commercial project at such a large would filter out the best ACP panel among the diverse variety. 

Why Such Fascination for ACP Sheet?

Most of the modern architecture is inspired by New York, Dubai, and Singapore. However, in India, Dubai has a high influence on millennial architecture. The markets of Dubai are highly concentrated with ACP sheets, so when the rapid urbanization started in the Indian market, the same material flooded in Indian Market.
We were one of the first ACP sheet manufacturing company started in 2002, and has helped in the fast transition in ACP-integrated building construction.
As first-comer in this industry, we have seen buyers making mistakes, and losing a hefty amount for wrong decisions. Hence, we have curated a list for you to consider while purchasing aluminium panel sheets for home or commercial projects.

Factors To Consider:

Design and Pattern Of ACP sheet

The use of Aluminium Composite panels in construction is to enhance exteriors and interiors. Therefore, selecting the right design and pattern is crucial.
While purchasing the panel provide a blueprint of the design and patterns of the exterior or interior for a better selection of hues and ACP sheet series. For say, it is an IT park, so Viva's Natural Stone, Desert, Metal Abstract, and Mirror finishes are a preferable option over the wooden ACP series. While for farmhouses, or interiors, we would recommend Glossy, Classic Sparkle, or Wooden ACP sheet.
Tip: Always match the hues and pattern of exteriors with its interiors.

Material or Product Grade

All kinds of aluminium panel sheets are not suitable for every application. The difference in core, thickness, and ACP grade has a big influence on the selection of ACP sheets. Viva offers ACP by cores, properties, application, and thickness.
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Viva offers LDPE, and Fire-retardant cores, along with anti-bacterial, self-cleaning, and anti-scratch sheets. These sheets are available Aluminium corrugated core panels, and ACP panels of thicknesses of 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm.
Tip: For interior pick, 3mm and 4mm panels, while for exterior pick 4mm and 6mm panels.

Delivery Time

It is not possible to suspend a construction project due to untimely product delivery. Therefore, it is important to choose a company with a large manufacturing unit as well as a robust supply chain and logistics management system.
We at Viva ensure quick delivery with our robust supply chain to cater to our client's best interests. Viva has seven production lines, that allow us to manufacture ACP sheets worth 7 million m2 per annum. Our daily production is worth 2.5 Lakh. It ensures the product is delivered on time to fulfill the construction requirement in any remote corner in India and the countries where we export our product.
Tip: Always purchase a product from an authorized seller or supplier to ensure the product is authentic.

Certificates and Awards

While purchasing a product, you need to learn the quality of the product. Certification of any manufacturing company allows you to learn about the credibility of the product.
Viva is certified by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultant for Viva's 7-Star FR-B1, An only Indian company to have earned the highest fire safety accreditation for NFPA 285. We have a list of certificates which you can learn about here.
Tip: Buy an ACP sheet that has certification for fire safety, and quality of panels.


Hope you will add these easy-to-implement tips to your aluminium composite panel purchase. If you want to skip the hassle of purchasing the right ACP sheet, get in touch with Viva's expert team and make the right purchase.
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