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Fire Retardant ACP Sheets: The Need Of The Hour

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The risk of fire in urban environments has grown over time, and the expense of fire losses is rising faster than the measures put in place to combat it. Human error is also a factor in these kinds of mishaps. There have been fatal fires in hospital facilities in the last year, particularly those treating Covid-19 patients. Research says, every year, over 25,000 people in India die due to fire casualties. Approximately 66 percent of those killed in fire accidents are women. The main cause of fires is electrical issues and a lack of contemporary technology in the structure. The need of the hour is to adopt fire-resistant construction materials to prevent severe casualties. Aluminium composite panels, often known as ACP sheets, are the most commonly utilized sheets for building interiors and exteriors, nowadays. Two thin coated Aluminum sheets with a polythene foam layer in the center make up ACP sheets. There are a few unique characteristics of high-quality ACP sheets, one of which is fire resistance. One of the unique qualities of ACP sheets is that they are fire retardant. LDPE/HDPE minerals are used in the cores of standard ACPs. Mineral cores having a 70:30 ratio of inorganic elements to the polymer are used in fire retardant ACPs. Because of the fire retardant cores in these sheets, fire retardant ACP sheets are thermally robust and do not transmit heat fast. It slows down the spreading of the fire, giving you two hours to evacuate. VIVA offers three types of fire-resistant ACP panels: Class B, Class A2+, and Class A2. The FR class B recycled core is made of 70% mineral and 30% polyethylene, whereas the FR class A2 recycled core is made of 90% mineral and 10% polyethylene.

VIVA’s fire retardant ACP sheets help to extinguish the fire in various ways:

  • It generates low toxic smoke.
  • Allows safer evacuation.
  • Viva's smoke-free FR-grade ACP sheets are designed to safeguard high-rise buildings above 15 meters.
  • The ACCP's pure Aluminum core eliminates the possibility of combustion.
  • It has superior strength with an everlasting finish.
  • Tested and Certified: VIVA’s FR Class B ACP sheets are certified by international consultants Thomas Bell-Wright and accredited with NFPA 285, EN 13501, ASTM D1929, and ASTM E84. Our FR Class A2+ and Class A2 comply with EN 13501 and ASTM D1929.
    The thumb rule in the construction of any infrastructure, industrial or non-industrial, is to take precautions against potential risks. The priority is to meet the criteria of the fire code. "Better safe than sorry" is always the motto. No matter how much we hope it never occurs, it would be foolish to rule out the potential of a fire disaster in a structure. As a result, if you want to improve the fire security rating of modern structures, adding a fire retardant ACP sheet is a must (not an option). To know more about our product ranges, log on to or connect us at our toll-free number 1800 313 3770.