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How ACP is a Step Towards a Sustainable Future?

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Humans are utilizing 25% more natural resources than the planet can sustain. The high waste and pollution from the development of infrastructure are leading to a negative effect on the biodiversity of the environment.
To curb it, ACP cladding is the right approach that most urban cities are looking forwards to. ACP sheet is 100% recyclable, which means the panels do not have much harmful effect on the rising global warming.
The manufacturing of ACP panels consists of recycled materials such as aluminum, polymer, and adhesives. This way, it reduces the material filling the land waste and encourages the value of the 3 R's for environment conservation, i.e, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Here is the benefit of the ACP sheet that helps in creating sustainable development

Lower Energy Consumption

The proportion of aluminium utilized in the panels is much lower than in solid sheets. It decreases the energy consumption for production.
Another way it reduces the consumption of energy is by maintaining the temperature in the interior of a building. The façade in both interior and exterior has a gap from the wall to the bottom layer of the panel. There is an opening on the top and bottom of the ACP cladding. The gap allows the air to flow from top to bottom, which creates natural ventilation inside the building.
The gap is helpful in both the thermal and acoustic protection of the building. It helps in reducing noise pollution and reducing energy bills, hence creating a sustainable environment inside a building.

Reduces Heat Reflection

ACP panels are the right replacement for glass panel for the sustainable facade. Glass panels do add aesthetic feature and it is known for easy maintenance. However, glass reflects the heat into the environment, causing global warming. As per the report, every year earth is becoming a degree hotter.
To curb this, the ACP panel is a great substitute, it does have a similar finish as glass panels, but the ACP sheet reflects a few fractions of heat to the environment.

Ease of Installation

The ACP panels are easy to install on any wall or structure. You do not need to break the wall for creating a support structure rather, the aluminium frame is quite a popular method for installing the panels.
The panels are added to the walls and over these panels, an ACP sheet is installed through rivets and nuts. If you are redesigning your home/office for the first time and do not want to break any existing structure, then ACP is the right way for gaining the required safety and beauty.

Creating Green Façade

Green walls or green façades are a concept that is well researched and used in cities like Singapore to establish a bio-diverse environment. The ACP panel are waterproof which helps in holding the green creepers without allowing any damage to the structure of the building. Moreover, the panels help is giving structural support to the seedling to propel the growth of bio-diverse plants on the walls of a building.
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The ACP panels are fire-retardant that reduce the production of toxic gases and compounds in a fire accident. The panels consist of adhesive and honeycomb panels, which slow the fire penetration for at least 3 hours.
The smoke released from these panels during a fire is non-toxic water vapor. It helps in safe evacuation and low causalities.
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As we are moving towards growth in smart cities, it is important to keep a check on our environment. Right cladding material helps in decreasing waste, leading to sustainable development.
Viva is one of the leading ACP sheets manufacturing companies and has 70% of production through an automated machine. It reduces the time consumption and energy for production.
To know more about Viva and its diverse product range call today on the toll-free number.