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Architecture inspires and defines how we view the world. Unsurprisingly, aluminium helped design some of the most sustainable and flexible architectural projects. Its easy-to-shape, lightweight, and yet strong material ACP Sheets.
The use of aluminium in architecture enables shapes and designs that are not possible with bricks and wood. The popularity of the aluminium composite panel started in the 20th century and became world famous due to the unlimited possibilities of aluminium. It is no coincidence, that aluminium panels are fitted as window panels, doors, facades, and awnings in the most iconic buildings in the world. The material is abundantly available on earth, and it is infinitely recyclable without loss of quality.  
From designing the Empire building in the 1970s to designing the stadium in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, we have seen tremendous changes in ACP designs. Because each project has its own distinct style, whether classic or contemporary, discreet or loud, it is more accurate to say that aluminium complements all of them.
To understand how it is shaping the world architecture, it is important to understand the application. We will discuss the use of aluminium paneling in this blog.

Application of Aluminium in Modern Architecture 

Decorative Application 

Enjoy creative freedom with the infinite opportunity of shaping the panels into any desired size or design. As aluminium is extremely malleable, it is among the top choices among architects for decorative designs. Blinds, ceilings, doors, louvers, and ornamental trim are some of the decorative applications where ACP facades shine.  

 Pushing Green Buildings/Sustainable Design 

Aluminium panels are pushing design trends to promote sustainable architecture for the 21st century. The modern aluminium alloys support the glass panels, offering maximum daylight inside the structure. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, ACP sheets are made of recycled aluminium and the finished product is 100% recyclable. The recycling process takes a minimum amount of money, it recycles without loss of quality. Furthermore, it also has thermal insulation and sound insulation that can reduce electricity usage by 30%. These qualities make it the preferred choice for green construction.  

Roofing with ACP 

ACP sheets provide aesthetic and functional design to buildings. Given its robust features, like lightweight, and durability it finds a range of applications in roofing. Moreover, the Viva ACP sheets are resistant to rust and impervious to dirt, scratches, fire, and chemical reactions from other compounds in the air, which makes the roof resistant to damage. The ACP sheets are either cut in CNC cut panels or installed as it is, providing ornamental roofing design. 

 Aluminium Composite Panel as Facade 

Aluminium is known to be a game-changer material and widely popular across the world for curtain walls, or facade design. Today, the aluminium facade in skyscrapers is popular more than ever before. The high design flexibility and thin panels that reduce the weight of the design create facades that elevate the overall visual of the building.  

What Makes Viva the Industry Leader in Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturing?

Modern architecture requires a material that is sturdy, flexible, and durable, and does not succumb to chemical changes after coming into contact with other materials or atmospheric conditions. An ACP sheet offers more than these factors, and when it comes to the Viva ACP sheet we ensure it will not let you down! 
A world-class design unit, a high-tech testing center, and years of experience make us the brand that pushes the boundaries of product quality. Our products are tested on both national and international standards. We export aluminium panel sheets to Qatar, Kenya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Gulf, South Africa, Bahrain, and Nigeria, which are embedded in renowned architecture around the globe.  
Viva is not only the largest manufacturer of ACP sheets, but the product range is extensive with over 300 hues, a metal composite made of Zinc (ZCP), and honeycomb panels. For more information about our products and to determine what will work best for your needs, please contact