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How does Viva Aluminium Composite Panel Beat Global Standards?

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With an extended focus on the manufacturing sector in the Indian subcontinent in recent years, several sectors have gained a boost. With a projected GDP of 7.5 trillion USD by the year 2031, India has experienced robust growth in sectors such as textiles, steel, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and apparel, among others, which is likely to grow further. And now the focus is expanding on its manufacturing capabilities.
At the forefront of this movement are companies like VIVA ACP, a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panels. At Viva, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology and equipment to manufacture high-quality products to cater to the cladding and facade requirements globally. In less than twenty years, we have achieved a wide share of the global ACP market and we are thrilled to watch the numbers growing now.
So, what makes Viva stand out from the other brands in the industry? Let’s discover that down below.

The Ultimate Challenge

Having laid the foundation in 2003, Viva ACP is one of the earliest manufacturers of Aluminium Composite Panels in India. In the years that followed, VIVA boldly expanded its global footprint into several countries. However, we were well aware of the obstacles that could come with it. One of our biggest challenges remains the same as in many other industries—competing with our neighbours in China who often lure customers with their lower-priced products.
However, often times such manufacturers have limited product selection and even transportation times can be unreliable. Additionally, in 2020, the pandemic also presented a significant challenge when it came to expanding into new markets.
Viva Aluminium Composite Panel

Overcoming the Biggest Challenges of the ACP Industry: Viva Aluminium Composite Panel

Quality Control

The global market of ACP demands high-quality and sustainable ACP sheets. However, since ACPs require raw materials such as Aluminium coils, cores materials, adhesives, and colour coatings, it can be extremely difficult to maintain the quality. Hence, ensuring the consistent quality of ACP products is a major challenge due to variations in raw materials, production processes, and environmental conditions.
Viva sourced the raw materials from reputed vendors such as Hindalco (Aluminium coils), Nippon Paints, PPG paints, AkzoNobel, and Monopol Colours which ensure consistency in quality. In addition, Viva ACP panels are made with high-grade aluminium and coated with high-quality polyethylene (PE) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coatings & FEVE Coating (Fluoroethylene vinyl ether) which makes them highly durable and resistant to weather, fire, and corrosion.

Customer Service

Expanding on a global landscape calls for a streamlined customer service process in order to become a reliable partner for ACP needs. From offering assistance in making the right choice to providing the best quality of Aluminium Composite Panels according to specific requirements, Viva offers excellent customer service.
Additionally, exporting worldwide involves a lengthy supply chain, which is prone to facing disruptions. Since ACP panels are often used in construction projects, delays in delivery can cause significant disruptions and delays to project timelines. Our customer service team is well-equipped to handle such issues tactfully. We also offer parallel after-sales support that includes technical assistance and guidance to all our clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Fire Safety

Traditional cladding materials posed the threat of fire-related incidents. With high-rises dotting cities across the world, the need to minimise the risk of fire breakouts is essential. While several manufacturers have no fire-retardant series, we do it differently!
Viva ACPs have made a long journey from their inception by making fire safety an essential parameter in the panels. We offer FR Grade ACPs with fire-retardant core variations in Class B (70% Mineral & 30% Polyethylene recycled Core), Class A2 (90% Mineral & 10% Polyethylene recycled Core) and A2+.
Viva is also the first to introduce ACP panels with 100% aluminium and zero polyethylene core as the A2+ class. These panels cause zero toxic smoke, and molten droplets, and resist the fire spread to up to 2 hours.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Viva ACP panels are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the construction and architecture industries. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in India that operates using the latest Korean technology, we offer superior quality products that are durable, strong, and aesthetic in terms of looks.
We have in-house R&D centres that carry out innovations in ACP sheet design. Viva has an annual production capacity of 9 million m2 which translates to continuous supply and on-time delivery across the globe.

Quality in Competitive Prices

The ACP production industry is highly competitive, and manufacturers face pressure to compete with cheaper imports from other countries. Viva ACP prioritises quality over quantity and hence emphasises high-quality materials, durable build structure, and uniformity across panels.
Viva presents Aluminium Composite Panels that are strong, weather-resistant, anti-bacterial, scratch and dust-resistant. These premium quality ACPs are available across the globe—all at competitive prices. Additionally, Viva offers 10-30 years of warranty, which adds to the value for money.

Globally Accepted Brand (Certifications)

Often times ACP brands are unable to comply with the international standards of manufacturing and safety. Compliance with local and international regulations is essential for ACP manufacturers, and keeping up with changes in regulations can be a challenge. Our ACP panels are also Thomas Bell Wright Certified, which assures high levels of fire-safety.
With globally recognized certifications (including Fire-Safety certifications), Viva ACP panels are exported to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Vietnam, Egypt, Kenya and other countries in the world. We established a strong distribution network and have a presence in all major markets, making it easy for customers to access these superior-quality ACP products.

Customised Shade

The international market demands a versatile product range of Aluminium Composite Panels. At Viva ACP, we present our customers to choose from an array of 300+ colours. We have 20 series of ACP which include diverse shades and textures such as Glossy, Solid Colours, Marble, Wooden, Rustic, Mirror, Natural Stone, and Sparkle among others.
What makes Viva stand out as a brand is that it offers high-quality ACP sheets in customised colour options for the purpose of exterior and interior cladding, signage, and other architectural applications.

The Road Ahead

Despite the obstacles and hurdles, Viva is finding ways to adapt and continue serving customers all over. And today, we proudly represent India on the global stage and have made a name for ourselves—as an ACP manufacturing brand that represents quality, innovation, and reliability.
Therefore, the combination of quality, innovation, global reach, customer support, and sustainability has made Viva ACP a preferred choice for architects, builders, and contractors across the globe.
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