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Viva is immensely proud to introduce Zinc Composite Panel in association with elZinc. The unparalleled beauty of Zinc as a cladding material has always stunned the world and is widely appreciated by architects and designers for its purity. Zinc is a very modern age material that is widely used all over the globe for the purpose of building interior and exterior applications, signage, etc.
Viva is proud to be associated with elZinc for the manufacturing of ZCP. elZinc is changing the way architects consider Zinc by branding it as a material that provides new architectural solutions to architects, designers, and professional roofers. It is also one of the largest international producers of architectural zinc and has a presence in more than 35 countries, across all five continents.
Viva’s all-new Zinc Composite Panel features 0.5mm coil thickness and 4mm thickness along with a lifetime warranty on Zinc and a 10-year long warranty on Composite sheet. Viva’s ZCPs are also durable and easy to fabricate. Its timeless beauty adds classiness and uniqueness to interior and exterior applications.
We, at Viva, have also successfully incorporated the highest number of Zinc shades in the country which includes Rainbow Azul/Blue, Rainbow Rojo/Red, Rainbow Oro/Gold, Rainbow Marron/Brown, Rainbow Vede/Green, Rainbow Ebano/Black, Graphite, Slate, Natural, Oliva, Lava, and Crystal. Along with so many shades, one of the primary elements which set Viva’s ZCPs apart is that it is easily bendable.

Some of the Primary Features of ZCPs are as Follows :

  • The panels are superior in strength with unparalleled flatness.
  • They are very easy to fabricate which facilitates the process of molding to suit various designs.
  • The panels are environment friendly. It is highly recyclable and consumes less energy during production.
  • As time passes by, Zinc develops zinc carbonate or patina which acts as a protective cover over it.
  • They are super splendid in appearance which makes the interiors and exteriors look aesthetically pleasing.
  • They can be customized to resist fire.
  • Self-healing patina effects that ages gracefully and increases corrosion resistance
To conclude, with our long reputed history of being the largest manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panel and its’ accessories in India, we look forward to proudly introducing our Zinc Composite Panels in the market.
Presenting The All New Zinc Composite Panel