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Ever wondered what Rainscreen facades are? You have heard or read about it in multiple architectural websites or design magazines, but do you know what it actually is?
We at Viva ACPs specialize in Rain Screen facades, and today, we will decode the concept for you, so that you can utilize Viva Rain Screen System at its best.

What is a Rain Screen Facade?

A Rain Screen cladding or facade is an exterior infrastructure that is erected away from the building allowing moisture management and better energy efficiency. Rain Screen facades create a vacuum air cavity between the building's outer wall and the external environment, thus also safeguarding the building's weather-resistant barrier.
Benefits of Viva Rain Screen Systems
Rain Screen facades guard buildings against moisture. When moisture droplets pass through the dry air cavity between the Rain Screen facade and the structure of the building, the moisture is automatically dried out. Architects suggest installing Rain Screen facades as a support mechanism for the building structure envelope. So, Rain Screen facades are a guarding structure that gatekeeps any moisture that may get in contact with the building's enveloping design and prevent water from seeking in and damaging the exteriors of the building. Moreover, Rain Screen facades guard the shell enveloping of the building against pressure gradients, surface tension, kinetic energy, capillary action, and gravity - five factors that drive rain to seep into the building's exterior enveloping.

Benefits of Viva Rain Screen Systems

Viva Rain Screen Systems are made with Viva ACP sheets, which are eco-friendly, light in weight, and easy to install. These future-ready sandwich panels make up Viva Rain Screen facades, and thus Viva Rain Screens can be installed both in newly built structures or refurbishment projects very efficiently.
Viva Rain Screen facades are very easy to maintain, owing to the top-notch aluminium composite panels that are used to implement them. At Viva, we support Silicone free installation of our Rain Screen Systems so that the facade is clean and consistent in terms of look and feel. Besides, installing Rain Screen facades with Silicone can lead to bleeding of Silicone, which in terms will acquire dust and grime, making the whole structure look awkward and unsophisticated. Our open-groove installation also makes sure that the structural integrity of Viva Rain Screen Systems remains well-maintained.
Viva Rain Screen Systems become lightweight and easy to install. These ergonomic and eco-friendly ACP sheet applications also increase the longevity of the structure as well as helping in saving on your electric bills. It is true! Our Rain Screen Systems are known to promote energy efficiency by maintaining a standard temperature even inside the building. Moreover, the air gap cavity between the building's exterior and the Viva Rain Screen System also guarantees acoustic insulation by zoning out loud, unwanted background noise.
Viva Rain Screen Systems can be customized according to your architectural designs and needs. An array of eye-catching colours, along with ease of installation, makes it so much easier to be erected quickly on site. We also provide technical handholding to make your experience the best.
To know more about our gravity-defying Rain Screen solutions, give us a  call on 1800313 3770 today!