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In the past couple of years, ACP cladding material has marvelously evolved. With the change in material type, texture to finishes, and, this will keep continuing with up-gradation in technology.
Today, the ACP sheet, ZCP, and honeycomb panel are known to be new-age composites. The sheer beauty it brings with irreplaceable features makes these sheets the perfect cladding material.
Instead of running errands and hopping from one shop to another to get aesthetically desirable quality sheets, you can visit Viva, the one-stop solution for all composites.
To give an overview of what a product we have and how it can help in the beautification of the home, stay with us and continue reading.
ACP sheet
Aluminum composite sheet, the sheets are decisive in uplifting the décor of the home. Available in heavenly shades such as Rustic, desert, wooden ACP, and corten steel ensures it transforms the walls and reflects a gorgeous piece of art through the cladding.
VIVA ACP Cladding
Reinvigorating with ACP cladding allows the designer to be creative and colorful. The color-coated panels with PVDF/FEVE powder coating ensure it does not have any loss of shine and strength with time. It comes with a 20-25 year of warranty, ensuring the sheets live extremely well with time.
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Zinc Composite Panel or ZCP, in this the sheets contain zinc panels with a non-combustible composite core. We at Viva introduced the Zinc Composite panel sheet cladding line in cooperation withVMZinc, the largest Zinc provider across the globe.
Best Quality Zinc Composite Panel in India- VIVA ACP
Simply putting, ZCP is the new rage in the cladding industry for its cohesive features, such as lightweight, easy transportation, ease of installation, and cost-efficient.
The reinforced polymer in the panels is great for construction work to build green buildings. The resistance to corrosion, impeccable durability and exceptionally sturdy panels are known for building façade elevation.
Typically, stain-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, ultraviolet resistant, and impervious to inspection, make the Zinc Composite panel a great choice for building cladding.
Some of its renowned shades include Rainbow Rojo, Slate, Olivia, Rainbow Ebnao, Rainbow Azul, and Lava. Zinc composite panels blend ethereal beauty with eco-friendliness.
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Renovating your home is an arduous task, and nevertheless, it is exorbitant in some cases. However, with Aluminium Composite Panel and other materials mentioned above, create statement décor and prices that you can spend.
Cladding is a necessary exercise for the house, it demonstrates your position in society and can set yourself apart from others. So, it is an investment for the future, using aluminum composite sheets, honeycomb panels, and Zinc composite panels have become the preferred choice for many.
Viva is a leading manufacturer and exporter of composite panels. Each type of cladding material goes through stringent testing and quality checking before transporting the product in the market. To check the products click here. To get in touch with our experts call on toll-free number 18003133700.