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The Beauty In Matt Finishes With The Viva Lustre Series

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We often associate ACP panels with a glossy finish, but what if you want a classier and more subtle facade design? What texture and finish should you go for? We advise you matt finish! Matt finishes metal composite panels add richness to your facade and build a texture that limits the scattering of light and makes the surface of the wall appeal smother than shiny panels. To build a classy and premium finish, House of Viva has introduced the Lustre Series which encompasses a range of shades that are matt in look and velvety in texture.

Shades From Viva Lustre Series To Elevate Interiors And Exterior Wall Paneling

Shades From Viva Lustre ACP Panel Series

VA6001- Velvet Platinium

The VA 6001-Velvet Platinium almost looks like matt finished steel, which is a great starting point for architects to create flexible designs in the interior and exterior. Grey or steel-like finish is one of the high-selling shades when it comes to metal cladding. The color balances its surrounding and instill a sense of sophistication in the building with a velvet matt finish.

VA6002- Velvet Oslo Grey

The VA 6002- Velvet Oslo Grey is a wonderful reflection of grey hues with an undertone of black. This one is distinguished by an offset of black, which creates a one-of-a-kind facade in modern architecture.

VA6003- Velvet Basalt Grey

The VA 6003- Velvet Basalt Grey shade is an artistic dream! It is most similar to the color black, which can be utilized for a range of statement facades depending on the context. It mimics a deep black texture in a matt finish that helps the architects to incorporate a premium luxury appearance in any space.

VA6004- Velvet Maize

Velvet Maize is a gorgeously soft textured shade, manufactured with PVDF coating, and can resist scratches and dullness that the shinier ACP sheet faces in long term. The panels can create a statement style or decorative nooks in wall paneling.

VA6005- Velvet Sedona

The VA 6005- Velvet Sedona has a crimson orange appearance that adds vibrancy in limited spaces. The warm tone is no less than a shade that helps in grabbing attention and creating a considerable effect in architectural applications.

VA6006- Velvet Tacao

VA 6006 channels the hues of yellow in a matt finish. Arguably, it is the most intense color on the design spectrum, and almost any expanse of it draws attention. The shade helps in creating high-level daylight reflection your home.

VA6007- Velvet Heathered Grey

The VA 6007- Velvet Heathered Grey has more of a concrete texture and visual appearance. For generations, architects have fallen in love with concrete due to its flexibility. The same hue can be dominated as curtain wall with this shade.
With the matt finish, the bright color creates a subtle appearance in the building which can be defined by the inclusion of designs in CNC cut panels, or louver sheets, customized at our manufacturing unit as per the needs.


The color elevates the modern and contemporary design, where bold choices represent the creation of something new. The color gives architects and designers to create feature walls in an attempt to inspire urban revitalization.
Our Lustre series will leave the architects and designers in awe as the panels have a range of advantages and have over 10 years of color warranty. The Lustre Series ACP panel help in catching the attention of on-lookers as they are different from textures popularly available in the market.
Yes, our Lustre ACP Panel series is germ resistant and fire-resistant which you truly deserve! We offer complete customization on the color range that helps in sprucing up the interior and exterior.