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The Prolific Shades of ACP Cladding

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Being a leader in the world of Aluminum Composite Panel, we at Viva provide our customers with a wide range of Aluminum Composite Panel sheets of various shades and textures. Our ACP sheets are suitable for revamping office, homes, malls and restaurants.
So, why go for conventional designs when we at VIVA offer you prolific shades of ACP cladding to create wonders. Here is a suitable and classic example of our recent project work that we did for Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation. This is one of the most notable and prestigious landmarks in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We have used a unique textbook layout for designing the prestigious project. The magnificent area of about 60000 sq. ft., was turned into a symbol that represents unconventional artistry, along with a striking example of modern age façade. The project is designed with the mystical texture of blue. Blue the color that imitates the shade of both the sky and the sea. We choose the color blue for exterior as well as interior cladding, as the amazing shades of blue, provides a mystical and welcoming effect with the essence of richness and luxury.
This was one of the most complex and creative projects for VIVA, as this project demanded the artistic touch with a notion of creativity. The project is a milestone among the many others that fall under the belt of VIVA.
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Why choose VIVA for ACP cladding, ACP design, and interior and exterior cladding?

Here we are going to stuff you the realistic and authentic reasons for choosing VIVA as your ACP cladding designers: 
  • VIVA provides Quality manufacturing – We at VIVA offer our customers products that are rigorously tested and are manufactured using a world-class facility accompanied by the best raw materials.
  • Provides a wide range of choices of ACPs – At VIVA we offer you 300+ varieties in ACP shades.
  • Fire-resistant ACPs – We provide our customers with fire-resistant ACPs graded with a range of A2, A2+, and B1, which will provide an evacuation period of over two hours.
  • Resistant to rough weather conditions – With our series of rigorous tests, we ensure the durability of our ACP sheets to withstand any weather conditions, along with that we also provide our customers with 10 years of warranty on our products.
  • Strong distribution network – We are growing our footprints consistently, and now we have our distributors and dealers all across India, South East Asia, and Middle East Africa.
  • Eco-friendly Process – We constantly try to make our process eco-friendly, as our production facility is majorly solar powered.
When you are thinking of revamping your place, the possibilities and creativity could be endless, if you are looking for the shades of blue we have a variety of options, whether be it a deep navy blue for a touch of drama, or a pale blue for a subtle effect, or it may be a touch of royalty with the shiny texture of the magical blue. Whatever shades of blue you prefer or in that case any color and decorating style of façade you need VIVA has it all and could create a synergy of innovative façade designs.
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