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Useful Tips: Quality inspection of Colour Coated Aluminium Coil

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Color-coated aluminium coil is getting popular among professionals of different business spectrums. The coil exhibit a range of advantages and is useful in industries such as electronic appliances, and aluminium panel sheet.
The high demand for color-coated aluminium coil shows the need for its right inspection. The growth in color-coated manufacturing companies has led to low-quality fake products in the market, this is why you must learn a few tips for quality inspection of color-coated aluminium coil.

Physical Test

A physical test is conducted to check the thickness, color, and shine of the material. It is important to conduct a physical inspection to learn that the paint is applied and the coil has been cured properly before releasing into the market for use.

1.    The thickness of the film

In a color-coated aluminium coil, the inspection of the thickness of the film is important, as it affects the performance of the paint film. If the premier coat is not done well, it leads to premature corrosion or poor adhesion. While, if the top coat is underdone, it leads to premature failure and damage due to weathering.
While too low film coating affects the durability and performance of the coil, too much coating increases the cost of manufacturing which affects the profitability of the product.
The coils can be tested physically with a coating thickness gauge. A dry film thickness gauge is used to calculate performance, quality, and cost.

2.    Colour Testing

The color-coated aluminium coil is popular among industries because of its pre-painted colors. The coil must maintain standard color to deliver customer satisfaction. Mostly, if there is a specific requirement for a particular color, it is important to deliver the same in the final product.
While for repeat colors, it is crucial to match the consistency of the shade in each run. To inspect this, check the color as it should be consistent across the width of the strip, along with consistency between the coils.
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A few factors you must take into consideration that impact the quality of color are the thickness of the film, substrate color, Cure Temperature, and paint formulation.

3.    Gloss

Gloss adds shine to the color-coated coils and it gives a uniform appearance to the coils. The manufacturing of coil is done in several parts, which is why the final product is an amalgamation of several products. So, for inspection, you must check the consistency of the gloss in the coil. If the consistency of the coil is not consistent, the final product impacts the quality and appearance of the coil.

4.    Adhesion

The color-coated panels are made up of several components which are converted into the coil by adding various adhesion and resin. This test is conducted to check T-bends, impact, and scratch resistant.

Visual Inspection

Once you conduct a physical inspection, it's time to conduct a visual inspection. Here are a few ways you can conduct visual inspection tests.

1.    Pay Attention to Different Appearance Standards

As the color-coated aluminium coil is useful in a range of industries, it is important to test whether the coil is suitable for the area of application. For say, the appearance of the refrigerator is different from the appearance of the composite panel.
So, you must conduct the quality check with visual inspection based on the industry of use.

2.    Look for defects

The difference in textures, damage in between the sheet, or thickness inconsistency impacts the performance of the coil. Conduct visual testing to ensure the panel is appropriate to use in different businesses.


Conducting quality inspection in color-coated aluminium coil helps in determining its durability and cost. Viva is a reputed color-coated aluminium coil manufacturer and supplier in India. We conduct stringent quality testing in our manufacturing unit to assure the quality of the panels.
Viva is a leading aluminium panel sheet color coated aluminum coil manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. To learn about other product ranges of Viva, please visit.