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Top Brands Using Viva Composite Panels Material for Corporate Signage

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Corporate signage is crucial for brand visibility, and many top companies choose Viva ACP sign board options to meet their needs. 

Known for durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal, Viva ACP’s aluminium composite panel signage creates eye-catching, long-lasting signs. 

This blog explores leading brands using Viva Composite Panels to enhance their visual presence and make a strong impression.

Top Brands Choosing Us for Their Brand Signage Needs

Petroleum Industry 


Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) uses Viva Composite Panels (Viva ACP) for signage at its petrol pumps. The robust, weather-resistant Viva ACP ensures vibrant, intact signage despite harsh conditions. 

This durability reduces maintenance costs and ensures consistent brand visibility, enhancing customer trust and recognition. By choosing Viva ACP signage, HPCL has effectively strengthened its brand presence across India.


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) uses Viva ACP for corporate signage, benefiting from its durability and aesthetic appeal. 

The sleek, modern look of Viva ACP helps BPCL petrol stations stand out, attracting more customers and creating a professional image. This ensures long-term performance with minimal upkeep, maintaining a strong brand identity.


Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) opts for Viva Composite Panels for its petrol station signage. The panels’ resistance to fading and corrosion ensures lasting visual appeal. 

The customisable nature of our ACP sheets allows IOCL to design unique, attractive signs that reinforce its brand image, keeping it highly visible and appealing to customers.

Automobile Industry

KIA Motors

KIA Motors has chosen Viva ACP for its showroom , leveraging the material’s flexibility and modern aesthetics. The sleek, polished look of Viva ACP complements KIA’s brand image of innovation and quality. 

This creates a consistent and appealing visual identity across all outlets, enhancing customer experience and reinforcing the brand’s presence in the competitive automobile market.

MG Motors

MG Motors uses Viva ACP’s aluminium composite panel signage to reflect its brand’s heritage and contemporary style. The high-quality finish and durability ensure MG Motors’ signage looks impressive and lasts long, even in diverse weather conditions. 

This attractive signage helps MG Motors draw attention to its showrooms, making them easier to locate and associate with reliability and elegance.


Volkswagen’s choice of Viva ACP for corporate signage demonstrates the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence. The customisable panels allow Volkswagen to create distinctive signs that capture its brand essence. 

The durability and low maintenance of Viva ACP ensure Volkswagen’s signage remains pristine, contributing to a professional and inviting showroom atmosphere crucial for attracting and retaining customers.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors employs Viva ACP for dealership signage to maintain a strong and cohesive brand presence. The panels’ ability to withstand extreme weather conditions without losing their luster ensures Tata Motors’ signage is always in top condition. 

This reliability is crucial for a brand that prides itself on trust and durability. Viva ACP enhances the visual appeal of Tata Motors’ outlets, making them more inviting and easier to locate.


Hyundai uses Viva Composite Panels for its signage, maintaining a modern and sophisticated image. The sleek finish and vibrant colours align with Hyundai’s brand values of innovation and quality. 

Viva ACP’s long-lasting nature ensures Hyundai’s signage continues to look new and attractive, which is important for creating a positive first impression and reinforcing the brand’s market presence.

Retail Industry


Reliance Industries has adopted Viva ACP for its retail signage, benefiting from the panels’ versatility and eye-catching appearance. The durability of Viva ACP ensures that Reliance’s signage remains intact and appealing, even in high-traffic areas.

This consistent visibility ensures brand recognition and attracts customers, contributing to the overall success of Reliance’s retail operations.


Lenskart uses Viva Composite Panels for modern, welcoming store signage. The sleek design and vibrant colours help Lenskart stand out in busy retail environments. 

Durable and low-maintenance, these panels ensure attractive, functional signage, enhancing customer experience and supporting brand growth.

Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers has chosen Viva ACP for its signage to reflect the brand’s luxury and elegance. The high-quality finish adds sophistication to outlets, attracting customers and creating a premium shopping experience. 

The durability of Viva ACP ensures the signage remains pristine, reinforcing the brand’s image of quality and excellence.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger uses Viva ACP for chic, contemporary store signage. Customisable, sturdy panels create stylish signs that reflect the brand’s identity. 

Their low maintenance ensures the signage remains fresh and inviting, enhancing the shopping experience and supporting the brand’s high-end image.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein uses Viva Composite Panels for its signage, enhancing its minimalist, modern aesthetic. The sleek, durable panels maintain attractive signage over time, aligning with the brand’s quality and style. 

This consistent, appealing signage attracts customers, bolstering Calvin Klein’s competitive retail market position.


Incorporating Viva Composite Panels for corporate signage has proven beneficial for top brands across various industries, enhancing their visibility, aesthetic appeal and durability. Elevate your brand’s signage with the unmatched quality and design flexibility of our composite panels—contact Viva ACP today to get started!