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    Top Five ACP Sheets Manufacturers in India

    Top Five ACP Sheets Manufacturers in India - Viva ACP

    Top Five ACP Sheets Manufacturers in India

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    Aluminium Composite Panels are becoming the go-to cladding material for architects, engineers, and designers – thanks to an array of future-ready features. ACP sheets are eco-friendly, meaning t-hat they are sustainable in nature and support the right causes of eco-friendliness. Moreover, these are light in weight and can be easily carried to and from the construction site and be easily installed. Besides, the superior bendability that Aluminium Composite Panels sheets have ensures that they can be installed in a variety of experimental use cases.

    India’s never-ending infrastructure growth is leveraging the fullest potential of ACP sheets, and the proof lies in numerous buildings with ACP claddings along the busy cityscapes. In fact, many heritage buildings are getting revamped in India with this new age material to elevate the design as well as refurbish the age-old architecture. If you are thinking of using high-quality ACP for your next design project, check out this editorial, where we have listed the top five Indian ACP manufacturers to look out for.

    ACP Sheet Manufacturer #1 Viva:

    Viva ACP Sheets are quite popular in the Indian market owing to an array of ACP sheets designs that they have in their repertoire. Established in the year 2003 in Mumbai, Viva ACPs are known for their wood finish, stone finish, anti-bacterial, and fire-retardant ACPs. Not only that, but Viva also boasts several Eco-Certificates that guarantee the sustainable qualities of the ACP sheets produced by the ACP giant.

    Also, Viva’s manufacturing units at Gujarat are operated on solar-powered energy, making it an epitome of eco-conscious operations. Viva sources its raw materials from renowned Indian industrial leaders such as Hindalco for aluminium sheets and paints and pigments from Monopol Colours, Akzo Nobel, PPG, and Nippon Paints. Viva’s 500+ strong retail network (along with 22+ warehouses) makes sure that the supply chain remains flawless. . They also offer 300+ shades of ACPs that represents many tones, texture, and experimental designs, and also offer customized shades as per requirement.

    Best ACP Sheets Manufacturer - Viva ACP

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    ACP Sheet Manufacturer #2 Alstone:

    Alstone laid its foundation stones in the Aluminium Composite Panels manufacturing industry back in 2004. Today, they have two manufacturing units in Rajasthan and Dehradun. Headquartered in Delhi, Alstone produces more than two and a half million meters of ACP sheets. Alstone is known for its dual-layered ACP sheets and stringent quality checks to match the best industry standards for its products. From trendy colours to modern textures, Alstone features an exhaustive range of Aluminium Composite Panels sheets to match your design vision. Eco-friendliness and non-toxic raw materials are taken very seriously by Alstone, and thus its product portfolio consists of ACP sheets made with non-toxic paints and VOC-free pigments.

    Alstone ACP

    ACP Sheet Manufacturer #3 Alucobond:

    Alucobond is a name synonymous with high-quality Aluminium Composite Panels sheets from the house of 3A Composites. Available globally, Alucobond was founded in 1969 and since then has remained a renowned name in the ACP industry. Alucobond’s India operations headquarter is in Mumbai, while the manufacturing units are situated in the same state of Maharashtra. Alucobond ACP sheets also come in waterproof and fire-retardant variants and are known for being extremely light in weight.

    Alucobond ACP

    ACP Sheet Manufacturer #4 Alstrong:

    Alstrong ACP sheets are produced by the World Window Group, established in 2001. The company’s manufacturing unit is in Jammu, with its headquarter based in Delhi. Alstrong uses the latest Korean and Japanese machinery for manufacturing world-class ACP sheets, and they have managed to surpass an annual production of 50 million square feet of ACP. Besides, Alstrong uses an integrated coil coating method to beautify its vast range of ACP sheets available in different shades and textures. Alstrong also features a promising Research and Development team that helps in innovating cutting-edge technologies for ACP sheet manufacturing.

    Alstrong ACP

    ACP Sheet Manufacturer #5 Eurobond:

    Eurobond ACP is the brainchild of the evangelist organization, Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd. For the past 15+ years, Eurobond has catered to different industries for ACP requirements through their world-class manufacturing unit at Umbergaon. The company has to offer a wide variety of ACP sheets in various shades and designs. Staring from solid coloured ACP sheets to glossy ACP sheets to more refined types of experimental designs, Eurobond is a one-stop destination for beautiful ACP. Eurobond also manufactures HPL sheets as well as fire-retardant ACP sheets.

    Eurobond ACP

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