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To compare traditional and modern facade designs, one can notice several differences which are more than just styles. The difference is prominent in construction methods, use of raw materials, and the approach to the designs themselves. Although, glass and steel are widely used in modern buildings; traditional buildings are more of stones, bricks, and wood. However, using aluminium panel sheets or ACP sheets for external cladding material and facade design is relatively a modern twist to traditional building designs.
Driven by the trends of the construction industry, commercial spaces are now more open to daylight and carry a signature of their own. The use of facade not only addresses such trends but also adds functional qualities to a building. That is where the need for external cladding or facade design begins.
In today’s time, no building can be entirely modern or entirely traditional. Integrating both the classic and modern features, contemporary style has been evolved. However, some clients prefer to go traditional even standing in the present times or some of them prefer modern minimalistic facade designs.
Check the features and current construction trends to choose the style that suits you the best. Let us see what differences traditional and modern facades have between them in terms of designs, technology, and other necessary parameters.

The classic or traditional facades that inspire designers

The process of designing or decorating a house can be very creative. Depending on the preferences of the clients like their aesthetic sense and lifestyle; the façade designs of the house can be determined. If the client opts for classic or traditional style, the ACP facade installation has to address all the details in an elaborative way.
Roman and Greek architectural styles are perfect examples of traditional designs if presented with a hint of neo-classical touch. Mainly, several artistic elements come together to feature a grand style in various residential and commercial properties in posh areas of the city. Creating a timeless aesthetic value, traditional façade designs differ from modern ones in patterns, shades, and shapes.
While working with traditional design, dark woods, marbles and rich tones must be your ideal choice. Patterns like florals, stripes dominate the traditional style. It is all about the elaborate and grand features of facade decoration. Moreover, creating a symmetrical design and using skylights are two of the significant thing if you decide to go all traditional.

Modern facades that reflect your style

This type of facade decor focuses on ‘intentional asymmetry’ unlike traditional design where the rustic features are achieved naturally. Modern facades often overlap creating abstract designs that are uneven. Modern does not have to be better than the traditional designs but when these two blends with each other contemporary style forms.
This style comes with a bold, structured approach and is available in multiple cladding options. Undoubtedly, this is the ultimate new-age facade design accepted by the current market trends and there is no better cladding material than ACP.
However, modern designs are more inclined to clean interiors, clutter-free and minimalistic. These looks are easily customized giving you the freedom of putting your ideas into life.

Modern or traditional: what’s your pick?

Be it modern or traditional façade classic designs never go out of style. At Viva, you can get to choose from more than 300 shades and the facility to get customized shade as per your requirement. Starting from Solid-Metalic Series to Wooden Series inspired from nature, from Classic Marble Series to Galaxy Series inspired from the solar system – Viva ACP is the perfect choice for both traditional and modern look of your facade décor.
Whatever your choice would be you name it and we have it at VIVA- the ultimate solution to all our cladding requirements.