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Our workplace/office has become a sort of home which is kind of away from our actual home. As per many research, office environments which feature high-quality indoor environment can help employees become more productive. The aesthetics of workplaces and its impact on employee’s well-being is connected. Not just employees, it also leaves a huge impact on that prospective client who walks into your office for a meeting. This is why it is absolutely pivotal to make the interior and exterior look of the workplace pretty attractive. A beautiful office can contribute so many things which are better for you, your employees and your clients.
At Viva, we understand the value of an exquisite workplace and for that we are immensely proud to present our Aluminium Composite Sheet from the very famous Galaxy series. As the series suggests, the name of the shades is given based on the celestial bodies of the solar system. With Viva’s Galaxy series, gift your workplace a celestial look that feels wondrous and totally out of the world. The shades are based on the natural colour of the following planets –
  • Mercury – Experience the magic of Mercury at your office workspace.
  • Venus – Experience the aura and splendour of Venus at your workplace.
  • Earth – Enjoy the liveliness of earth at your workplace.
  • Mars – Enjoy the vibrancy of red planet at your office.
  • Jupiter –Embrace the greatness of the giant planet Jupiter at your workspace.
  • Saturn – Make your workspace as unique and eccentric as Saturn.
  • Uranus – Make your workspace unusually beautiful like Uranus.
  • Neptune – Embrace the tranquil colour of Neptune at your workspace.
  • Pluto – Make your workspace as fascinating as Pluto.
  • Sun – Make your workspace stand out and magnificent just like Sun.
  • Moon – Experience the elegancy of Moon at your workspace
What makes Viva one of the best ACP sheet manufacturers in India?
Viva was set up in the year 2003 in Mumbai, Maharashtra and its manufacturing units are equipped with state-of-the-art Korean machines with advanced technology to ensure world-class products. Our products are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and CE certified and are immensely trusted and selected by architects, builders, and fabricator fraternity in India as well as abroad.
We, at Viva, not only care about the looks and feels of our products, but also safety and security. That is why we have successfully introduced fire retardant ACPs which are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright. It can resist fire for as long as 2 hours, produces less smoke, doesn’t lead to flashover, and zero flaming droplets.