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The best quality of façade materials creates a great first impression. ACP sheets are designed to make homes and offices look visually appealing. The leading ACP sheet manufacturers in India provide a huge range of ACP shades for commercial or residential buildings, Bungalows, and Mansions. Those elegant shades provide a futuristic look to homes and buildings.
Apart from giving an appealing look, ACP sheets are also fire retardant. Fire-retardant ACPs have gained a lot of popularity and demand on the market due to their very special property which ensures the safety of people. These types of ACPs feature mineral core with a 70:30 ratio between inorganic materials and polymer. As we all know that buildings are always at the risk of catching fire due to short-circuit or any other issues, you need to make sure that everyone is safe and that is when fire-retardant ACPs comes to use. The fire retardant cores that these sheets have, make them non-combustible. As these ACP sheets are thermal resistant, they do not conduct heat very quickly.
Viva is one of the leading and reputed ACP sheet manufacturers in India and its products have been trusted and selected by Architect, Builders, and Fabricator fraternities in India as well as abroad over the 18 years. Viva is the first in India to introduce FR grade Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel (ACCP) which is lightweight, fire-retardant, easily bendable, and easy to fabricate. It also features superb surface flatness and is very easy to install. It’s weight is less than 4kg/m2.
Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Viva’s Fire Retardant ACPs :
  • Low Flammability, which helps in safe evacuation and saves lives by giving more time to people to vacate the building as it delays the spread of flame
  • Generates less smoke
  • Zero burning droplets
  • No toxic fumes
Viva’s FR class B ACP is made of 70% mineral and 30% LDPE core while FR class A2 is made of 90% mineral and 10% LDPE core.
At Viva, we manufacture the best quality fire retardant ACP sheets which ensure the safety and security of the people. Viva has the best quality ACP sheets which can resist fire easily and are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright. We also use Lead-free paint, certified by the IGBC to maintain a healthy and safe environment.