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When it comes to selecting the best ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel)  building material for your business or project, Viva ACP stand out for their exceptional properties. Known for their durability, versatility and sleek appearance, Viva ACP offer a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice.

Our offerings are fire-retardant, weather-resistant, lightweight and easy to install, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Available in various colours and finishes, Viva ACP provides a professional look that can be customised to fit any building needs.

In this blog, we will explore the key ACP sheet properties of Viva ACP that make them a top choice in the market today.

Fire Retardant ACP 

Fire accidents can lead to serious injuries, significant property damage and even death. Most fire-related fatalities result from inhaling toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, produced during fires.

In response to these dangers, Viva became the first ACP sheet manufacturer in India to introduce an FR-grade A2+ Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel. These panels feature an aluminium honeycomb core that effectively stops fire spread and reduces its intensity.

Viva’s fire retardant ACP sheet does not release toxic gases or chemicals and generates negligible smoke during a fire, aiding in quicker and safer evacuations. The heat released is also minimal, maintaining a bearable temperature within the building for 2 Hours minimum.

Anti-Bacterial ACP 

Our daily activities expose us to harmful bacteria, germs, and microbes that lurk on seemingly clean surfaces. Places like kitchens, hospitals, kids' rooms, gyms, food factories and bathrooms are especially prone to these pathogens due to moisture and oil in the air.

To address the need for hygienic, toxin-free environments, Viva has introduced antibacterial aluminium composite panels. These panels protect against bacteria such as coliform, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, E. coli, black mould and more. 

The antibacterial coating on these ACP sheet options curbs microbial reproduction and gradually kills bacteria within a few feet of the surface by releasing a biocide.

Moisture activates the silver ions in the antimicrobial coating, ensuring continuous protection. Even with regular cleaning or abrasion, the effectiveness of the antibacterial ACP sheets remains intact, providing a reliable defence against harmful microbes.

Anti-Scratch ACP 

Viva's anti-scratch ACP sheets offer an outstanding finish that enhances the beauty of any facade. These ACP panels are designed to withstand shocks from windstorms, earthquakes, cyclones and abrasions, making them ideal for cladding. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, easily cleaned with general methods.

Our scratch-resistant aluminium composite panels boast excellent adhesion capabilities. The protective film peels away cleanly, leaving no residue behind. The abrasion-resistant coating shields the panels from scratches, marks, damage, and contamination during cutting, drilling, transportation and installation.

Moreover, Viva's ACP panels are free from harmful heavy metals like lead, mercury and chromium, ensuring they are eco-friendly and safe. With Viva's ACP sheets, you get a durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally responsible solution for your cladding needs, all while maintaining a pristine and attractive appearance.

Self-Cleaning ACP 

In areas with heavy pollution, severe weather, construction, or industrial activities, surfaces often collect dirt, spray paint, grease and other pollutants, ruining the facade's appearance. To combat this, Viva coats the surface with fluorocarbon PVDF paints using high-tech nanotechnology for self-cleaning ACP. 

This coating technology alters the molecular structure of the ACP sheet paint by sealing air gaps between paint molecules with a water-soluble chemical, enhancing performance and preserving gloss and colour for extended periods.

The nano-coated surface is both lipophobic (oil-resistant) and hydrophobic (water-resistant), acting as a barrier against UV rays and pollutants. Additionally, nano PVDF paint is an emission-free coating system.

With Viva's stain-resistant ACP sheets, your application area will maintain a shining new look. Even after years of installation, your ACP cladding and curtain wall projects’ age will remain undetectable, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability


Choosing Viva ACP for your business ensures a durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing solution. With our lucrative ACP sheet properties such as weather resistance, fire resistance, anti-scratch and easy installation, Viva ACP are ideal for various applications.

Choose us for your  needs and experience the difference in quality and performance. Get in touch with Viva ACP today.