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Viva ACP: Superior Fire-Retardant Aluminium Composite Panels for Enhanced Safety

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Fire incidents in commercial and residential buildings highlight the critical importance of effective safety measures. Traditional applications often fall short in these emergencies, putting lives and property at risk.

Viva ACP addresses this issue with its fire-retardant ACPs (Aluminium Composite Panels). These panels are specifically designed to endure high temperatures, preventing the spread of fire and ensuring visibility during crises.

A Brief Introduction to Fire-Retardant ACP from Viva ACP 

Fire-Retardant Aluminium Composite Panels, or FR ACP, are a vital innovation in building safety. These panels feature a core that combines mineral content with virgin materials, creating a robust fire-retardant barrier.

The core is primarily composed of Magnesium Hydroxide and Aluminium Trihydroxide, which are blended in specific ratios depending on the desired fire classification. This composition ensures that FR ACPs can effectively prevent the spread of fire, providing crucial protection in both commercial and residential structures.

By integrating these advanced materials, fire-retardant ACP sheets offer superior safety standards, making them an essential component in modern building design. 

Also, you should know that – 

FR Class B ACP: It is made with a core of 70% mineral content and 30% virgin material, effective against moderate fire exposure.

FR Class A2 ACP: It is composed of a core with 90% mineral content and 10% virgin material, providing high resistance to severe fire exposure.

Aluminium Corrugated Core Panel: These feature a non-combustible corrugated aluminium core, enhancing fire safety and structural integrity.

Key Advantages of Fire-Retardant ACP Sheet 

Improved Durability: Aluminium composite panels (ACP) are highly durable as they withstand extreme temperatures, maintaining their structural integrity and requiring minimal maintenance over time.

Unmatched Protection: Fire-retardant panels are designed to resist ignition and prevent the spread of flames. Using these panels, interior partitions and cladding systems significantly improves fire safety standards in any project.

Versatile Design: Fire-retardant panels provide architects with exceptional design flexibility, enabling the creation of visually stunning facades, intricate patterns and customised finishes. 

How Can Viva ACP Fire-Retardant Sheets Help? 

Generates Low Toxic Smoke: Viva FR ACP sheets produce low toxic smoke when exposed to fire, reducing the risk of inhalation hazards and making the environment safer for occupants.

Allows Safer Evacuation: These panels are designed to allow safer evacuation for up to 2 hours, giving people more time to leave the building in case of an emergency.

Safeguards High-Rise Buildings: Viva’s toxin-free FR-grade ACP sheets are specifically designed to protect high-rise buildings over 15 meters, enhancing safety in taller structures.

Reduces Combustion Risk: These panels' fire-retardant properties significantly reduce the possibility of combustion, helping to prevent fires from spreading.

Minimises Loss of Property and Life: By preventing the spread of fire and reducing toxic smoke, Viva FR ACP sheets help minimise the potential loss of property and life during a fire.

Superior Strength and Finish: These panels offer superior strength and an everlasting finish, ensuring that they not only protect but also maintain their appearance over time.

Zero Molten Droplets: Viva FR ACP sheets do not produce molten droplets when exposed to fire, reducing the risk of fire spreading through falling debris.

Certified Safety: Viva's FR Class B ACP sheets are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright and accredited with NFPA 285 (Class B-s1-d0). FR Class A2 sheets comply with Class A2-s1-d, and FR A2+ comply with EN 13501-1, class A2-s1-d0, ensuring they meet rigorous fire safety standards.

What Are the Advantages of ACCP? 

Withstands High Temperatures and Extreme Weather: Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panels (ACCP) are designed to endure high temperatures and severe weather conditions, making them highly reliable in various environments.

Reduces Flame Intensity and Spread: The hexagonal core structure of aluminium corrugated panel sheets helps reduce the intensity and spread of flames, enhancing fire safety.

Emits Minimal Smoke: ACCP sheets emit minimal smoke, and the smoke produced is low in toxicity, which helps prevent casualties and loss of life during a fire.

Exceptional Processability and Durability: These panels offer excellent processability, durability, and thermal insulation properties, making them versatile for various applications.

Non-Combustible: ACCP sheets do not participate in active combustion, providing an added layer of fire protection.

Recyclable: Made entirely of aluminium, ACCP sheets are 100% recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Ultra-High Surface Flatness and Lightweight: These panels feature unmatched surface flatness and are lightweight, making them easy to handle and install.

High Peel-Off Strength: ACCP sheets have a high peel-off strength, measured at an angle of 180 N/mm, ensuring robust adhesion and long-lasting performance.


By choosing Viva ACP, brands can ensure the protection of lives and property while maintaining a high standard of safety and sustainability. Trust our fire-retardant acp for peace of mind and robust fire safety in any environment.